10 Most Popular Female Twitch Streamers

10 Most Popular Female Twitch Streamers

Skilled, sexy, and successful. Here are the 10 biggest female Twitch streamers of the month!

If you like hanging out on Twitch, you have probably come across the channels of these successful female streamers. Plenty of girls are currently dominating the platform. While some of these streamers may be wearing skimpy outfits to gain attention, others have jaw-dropping gaming skills. 

Here are the top 10 female Twitch streamers of 2021. 

10. “KittyPlays” – Kristen Michaela

Followers: 1.1M


KittyPlays is more than just a pretty face. This 29-year-old Canadian beauty is also a competitive First-person shooter gamer who recently dominated the Fortnite Korea Open tournament last year. 

Aside from Fortnite, she also played CS: GO and PUBG in the past. Outside Twitch, you can find her on Youtube, where she shares food and travel vlogs.

9. “Hafu” – Rumay Wang

Followers: 1.3M


Hafu is a top player in the Hearthstone Arena and formerly a pro World of Warcraft player, who won first place in MLG Orlando and MLG Dallas in 2008. 

Hafu is a dedicated gamer who usually sticks to one game until she masters it. She is currently into Teamfight Tactics.

8. “Alinity” – Natalia Divine Mogollon

Followers: 1.4M


32-years-old Alinity is a Colombian streamer who also got into a feud with PewDiePie, one of the "gods" of the Twitch world. Indeed, there is no such thing as bad publicity since she still manages to amass 1,066,520 followers on Twitch.

Alinity is a hot girl, and she knows how to use her sexuality to her advantage. That often causes her to get criticisms from the gaming community, but the controversies only fuel her popularity.

Alinity is mostly playing Apex Legends.

7. "Loeya" – Liah

Followers: 1.5M


Loeya is a 23-years-old Swedish streamer described as a "hyperactive princess." She does look like a real-life princess. 

Loeya joined Twitch in 2017, which is a little late compared to the other players and stars of the platform. Nonetheless, she still managed to build a massive base of 1.5M followers. Loeya usually plays Fortnite.

6. “Sweet_Anita” Anita

Followers: 1.8M


Anita is a British Fortnite streamer who suffers from Tourette's syndrome. She usually sheds light on her condition in a humorous manner. Anita also uploads clips of her outbursts in the highlights of her Youtube channel.

5. "Chicalive" – Maria Lopez

Followers: 2.1M


26-year-old Puerto Rican streamer Chicalive is a former member of the professional eSports Team SoloMid "TSM." She is a respected gamer who participated in the Keemstar Friday Fortnite tournament and the Summer Skirmish. 

She can speak multiple languages, including her native Spanish and English. Maria lives in the US now. However, she does not forget to feature her culture and her heritage on her streams from time to time.

Aside from her good looks, Maria has impressive skills. You can watch her easily destroy her opponents in any Battle Royale game.  

4. "LilyPichu" – Lily Ki

Followers: 2.3M


LilyPichu is a 29-year-old Korean American Twitch streamer with over 2.3M subscribers. She also enjoys similar popularity on other social media platforms. Her Twitter and Instagram are now close to two million followers. While her Youtube now nears three million followers. 

She mostly plays League of Legends.

3.  “Loserfruit” – Kathleen Belsten

Followers: 2.7M


Loserfruit is everything, except a loser. The Australian streamer now has over 2.7 M subscribers, and she is not slowing down anytime soon. People love Kathleen for her genuine personality. She does not only follow trends. Kathleen is a true gamer willing to play and stream games that most people have not even heard of, such as Vacation Simulator. 

2. "Amouranth" – Kaitlyn Siragusa

Followers: 4.6M


Amouranth is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. She is also known for her sexy cosplay and adult content. 

Amouranth often gets into controversy for wearing skimpy clothes, selling nudes, and making people think that she was single when she was married in reality. People accuse her of turning the platform into an adult site.

She later indirectly admitted that she does this to gain more donations. Amouranth rarely plays video games. But when she does, she often chooses games like 'just dance.' She also likes to live-stream her workouts from the gym. 

1. Pokimane" – Imane Anys

Followers: 8.3M


This 24-years-old Canadian streamer is the current Queen of Twitch. She won the "Best Streamer of the Year" from the Shorty Awards in 2018. 

Pokimane started streaming in 2013, and after gaining some traction, she decided to quit her school to focus on streaming. She usually plays popular titles such as League of Legends and Fortnite. These catapulted her to success. She also does ASMR sessions and posts vlogs on Youtube.

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