Warners Bros. Want To Make Shazam 2! As Soon As Possible!

Warners Bros. Want To Make Shazam 2! As Soon As Possible!

Zachary Levi revealed that the producers want to make Shazam 2! as soon as possible during his appearance at Germany’s CCXP Cologne convention.

Warner Bros. and New Line are very happy with the work of director David F. Sandberg's work in 'Shazam!' and want to make a sequel “as soon as possible” because of growing teen stars Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer, revealed Zachary Levi. During his appearance at the CCXP Cologne Convention, Levi said, "The truth is, I don’t really know anything. I know that I’m gonna have a conversation with my bosses pretty soon about what the idea is and where we’re going with the new movie, but all I really know is that New Line, our studio, and Warner Brothers, our parent studio, and DC, and our producers and executives and everybody who’s involved in all of the decision makings, they’re all very happy with what we did. They want to do even better the second time around, and they are crafting a story right now as we speak about what that sequel is going to be.”


The franchise is best described as 'Superman meets Big' and revolves around the plot when Billy Batson and his superhero loving best friend Freddy Freeman turn into crime-fighting superheroes after uttering the magical word, 'Shazam!' The superpowers are shared by the boy's foster family that consists of Mary, Pedro, Eugene, and Darla. And that means, the producers have to fight against time and puberty extends beyond 16-year-old Angel and 15-year-old Grazer.


Levi added, "The only other thing I know is they want to make it as soon as possible because those kids are growing up like weeds, so if we don’t do that in like the next two days, they’re gonna be full-grown adults." The actor then recalled that he had to return for some additional photography after six months away, during which time both Asher and Grazer grew dramatically.


Levi said, "We did principal photography, meaning the bulk of the filming on Shazam!, we did that over the course of four months or so in Toronto, Canada. Then we had about a six-month break, we came back to do additional photography ... In the six months from when we stopped principal photography to when we started additional photography, Jack and Asher quite literally grew so much that they couldn’t match their faces with what they looked like six months prior.”


He continued, "So if we don’t shoot another movie real quick, then they’re just gonna be men. There’s no point in saying ‘Shazam’ to transform, they’re already transformed! So that’s all I can tell you about the sequel, but I’m very excited to get into it, making it, and I hope you all enjoy it when we do.” During the CCXP convention, the actor also added that he is hopeful that the sequel will have a deeper connection with the DC Extended Universe and it might lead up to  Shazam’s clash with “ultimate bad guy” Black Adam. But Levi also mentioned that this crossover is not going to happen until the third Shazam movie. 

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