‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

This is a live-update article and it will be updated as new details about Your Lie in April Season 2 come our way. This is what we know so far.

‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2

'Your Lie in April,' also known as 'Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso,' is a Japanese romantic manga series with an enormous fan following. The series is an adaptation of the dramatic comedy manga illustrated by Naoshi Arakawa. This series adaptation was produced by A-1 Pictures in 2014, followed by an OVA in 2015.'Your Lie in April' has been a fan-favorite because of its heart-warming romantic drama. There is no mystery behind its popularity. The anime has a delightful story that intertwines romance and music perfectly. It has been a  long time, and we have not heard anything about one of our favorite romantic dramas. Many are excited and have been waiting for news for years about season 2. Is it still coming?

Here is what we know.

‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2

Will There Be ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2?

There are a lot of rumors about the show's renewal if you search on the web, but nothing is officially confirmed. The chances of having a second season are quite less. The story already wrapped nicely at the end of the first season. There are no more loose ends or cliffhangers left to explore for season 2.

‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2

When Will ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2 Release?

Season 1 of ‘Your Lie in April’ debuted on October 10, 2014, and ended its run on March 20, 2015. The series consists of 22 episodes with a running time of 22 minutes in length. Since there is no confirmation made yet by the creators, it is difficult to tell the exact release date of Season 2. If the creators decide to renew the show before 2023 ends, we can see season 2 in late 2024. No worries, because we will make sure to update this space once we get more information regarding the series renewal.

‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2

What Is The Plot Of ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2?

Season 1 ended with the death of Kaori and its aftermath. Maybe in season 2, we will see the rest of Kosei’s career. But there is no information available on the storyline of the second season, and at this point, it seems tricky to assume the upcoming plot. According to the writer, most of the plot has already been set. So, there will be no 'Your Lie In April' season 2 unless a great plot emerges for the writer.

‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2

Who Is Cast In ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2?

We can expect season 1's main cast to return if the story continues,

The cast will include:

Erica Lindbeck as Kaori Miyazono

Erica Mendez as Tsubaki Sawabe

Kyle McCarley as Ryouta Watari

Max Mittelman as Arima Kousei

Amanda C. Miller as Toshiya Miike

Carrie Keranen as Hiroko Seto

ristina Valenzuela as Koharu Seto

Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Yoshiko Ochiai

Erik Scott Kimerer as Takeshi Aiza

Erika Harlacher as Emi Agawa Julie

Ann Taylor as Nao Kashiwagi

‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2

 Is There An Official Trailer Of ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2?

There is no official trailer for ‘Your Lie in April’ Season 2 as the show has not received any hints for renewal. However, you can watch season 1's trailer below for now.


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