Xicatrice: Superpowers x Academy RPG Coming to PS4, Here's Everything We Know

This mystery RPG is coming soon, here's everything we know so far...

Xicatrice | Gamatsu

Following a teaser released earlier this week, Nippon Ichi Software announced that Superpowers X Academy named Xicatrice would soon launch in Japan. The game is an RPG in which you can play as a teacher who is appointed to lead a particular unit of students on a dangerous mission response to emergencies. The story is set in a world where superpowers exist and the protagonist is the one in charge of this specially charged team. Here's everything we know about Xicatrice...

When Will Xicatrice Launch?


The game will release on June 29, exclusively in Japan as of now. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch.

What Is The Plot Of Xicatrice?


As per Gematsu, It has been over a century since humans began awakening to the supernatural powers called superpowers. While some of them use their powers to do good for society and affect it in a positive way, others were abused and ran from society to settle in wild. The game begins in the year 2023 when a former Anti-Abnormal Unusual Talent Team (AUT) member has now lost all abilities after a particular incident. The player needs to develop the students through a series of daily activities and lessons. As per the information, each of the students has some subject they are good or bad at. The ease of growth also differs from student to student replication of the real-life experience. Here's the official synopsis...

"It has been about a century since mankind began awakening to the supernatural powers known as “superpowers.”

While some people used their powers to contribute to society, others abused them or ran wild without control. The incidents caused by superpower users never ceased. In response to these incidents, the state established the Anti-Abnormal Unusual Talent Team (AUT), a law enforcement agency composed of superpower users."

Who Are The Characters In-Game?


The Characters and Voice cast are as follows, Toma Asahi played by Saho Shirasu, Haruki Suzuhira played by Fumiya Imai, Shigeru Nagamiya played by Ayasa Itou, Wakaba Shinomori played by  Hina Natsume, Yuichi Kamishiro played by Tetsuro Noda, Kei Namisaki played by Kanako Nomura, Ichika Otoha played by Emiri Suyama, these are the main character who will come across in the game as of now. 

What is the Price of The Game Xicatrice?

The retail edition is around 7,678 JPY ~$56 USD. The limited edition is available from the online store and it includes the soundtrack and also the deluxe booklet. 

Is There a Trailer for The Game Xicatrice? 

Yes, you can check out the full announcement trailer below...