'Willow' Season 1: Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast, And How To Watch

'Willow' Season 1: Trailer, Release Date, Plot, Cast, And How To Watch

Just after this year's Thanksgiving, '80s fantasy by LucasFilms, Willow will return!

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Just after this year's Thanksgiving, '80s fantasy by LucasFilms, Willow will return! Disney+ series starring Warwick Davis is all set to return on 30th November 2022 continuing the story of Ron Howards's classic film. So where does the story of Willow pick up, who do we follow this time around, and what can you expect out of a follow-up that comes after 3 decades? 

What Is The Plot of Willow?


The series walks on the same path as the 80's fantasy film. In the film, Willow embarked on a quest to safely deliver a young girl he found near his village. He found himself in a foreign domain while on the venture to return her. His journey is filled with hindrances with very frequent monster attacks sent by the very evil Empress Bavmorda. But on the bright side, the journey gave him some lifelong friends who would help him triumph. We haven't been able to gather much information on the upcoming series, however, the fact that we'll be seeing the selfless loving Willow is enough for the audiences to tune in. The show has also confirmed that they have picked a different era for this series to be set in. This time around, Willow will be seen assisting a young woman named Kit to find her kidnaped brother, and now the two as well as their small band of companions set out on a new quest. 

Release Date And How To Watch Willow  Online...


Willow, being a Lucasfilm property, will be making its debut under the banner of its parent company which is Disney+. The eight-episode series officially airs on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, with subsequent episodes coming out every Wednesday

Who is Making The Willow Series?

We won't be seeing Ron Howard in the director's chair but he is a participant in the project as an executive producer alongside Lucasfilm regulars Kathleen Kennedy and Jonathan Kasdan. Kasdan, who has been seen with Howard collaborating on Solo: A Star Wars Story, will also be the project's showrunner. Kasdan is also credited with being a screenwriter for the show alongside John Bickerstaff.

Who Is in the Cast of the Series Willow?


Did you really think they would make a Willow sequel without Willow himself in it? Of course not! Warwick Davis is all set to return to our lives with his breathtaking portrayal of Willow Ufgood. Joanne Whalley will also be reprising her role as Sorsha, the antagonistic daughter of Bavmorda who turned into a staunch ally and protector of the child Willow was transporting. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing Val Kilmer who was Whalley's on-screen love interest and now off-screen ex-husband. The rest of the cast includes Erin Kellyman as Jade a knight in training Rosabell Laurenti Sellers who you might know from Game of Thrones where she played one of the sand sisters, Tyene Sand, Tony Revolori, Ellie Bamber as Dove, Dempsey Bryk, Ruby Cruz as Kit, Sorsha's daughter, Amar Chadha-Patel, as Boorman, a thief and Talisa Garcia who is making history as the first openly transgender actor to cast in a Lucasfilm project. 

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