Who Stole The Occult Book At The End Of 'Fear Street: 1666?'

Who Stole The Occult Book At The End Of 'Fear Street: 1666?'

The final installment of the 'Fear Street' trilogy left us with another nail-biting mystery. Who snatched the occult book at the end of 'Fear Street' part 3?

For the first time in three centuries, Shadyside is in a better place after Deena seemingly breaks the curse that gripped the land. However, our celebration is cut short after a pair of hands grabs the occult book during the post-credit scene in the Fear Street trilogy’s final chapter 'Fear Street 1666'. 

The occult book once belonged to a widow in 1666 but was stolen by Solomon Goode, Nick Goode's ancestor. He struck a deal with the devil that requires him to offer one innocent soul every few years, in exchange for prosperity. The devil then possesses the body of these offerings and sets them on a murdering spree so the devil can feed on the blood of their victims. The deal was passed from generations, and Deena managed to stop the curse after stabbing Nick Goode in the eye. 

Fear Street Trilogy ending.

However, she and Sam made a huge mistake after leaving such a dangerous book lying in the underground chambers. At the end of the trilogy, we saw a mysterious pair of hands snatch the book away. Who could that person be? Let us put on our Sherlock hats, and try to investigate the suspects for the stealing of the occult book.

Ziggy Berman

C Berman- 1978

Ziggy Berman/C. Berman survived the horrendous massacre in Camp Nightwing in 1978, thanks to the young Nick Goode, who decides to revive her. However, she has lived in isolation since then, fearing that the curse will never end. After Deena managed to take down Nick Goode and finally broke the curse, Ziggy reunites with Nurse Lane to return the diary they stole back in 1978. Perhaps, she also wants to return the book to  Nurse Lane. She may also want to use the book to prove that she is not crazy and expose the true nature of the Goode family. Or maybe, she wants to use it to resurrect her sister who died after sacrificing herself in 1978.


Fear Street

Most of us assumed that the pair of hands that took the book belongs to a villainous character who wants to harness the power of evil for selfish interest, but what if we are wrong?

'Fear Street' has proven that it's always one step ahead of its viewers. The twist and revelation at the end of the film left us all surprised. Hence, we would no longer be shocked if that pair of hands belongs to either Deena or Sam. After all, they knew exactly where the book was. They might have returned after realizing the dangers that await if nefarious people get their hands on the book. Josh can also do the same to prevent similar horrors from happening again. 

Nurse Lane


The hands that grabbed the book may look young, but we can never be sure since everything happened too fast. Hence, we are not discounting the possibility that those hands might belong to Nurse Lane. It's worth noting that the book originally belonged to a widow, who is revealed to be Nurse Lane's direct ancestor. We know how much she was devastated by her daughter Ruby Lane's death. Ruby was among the young Shadysiders who got offered to Satan, transforming her into a slasher. She killed herself after murdering her friends. Nurse Lane has been studying the curse, wanting to understand the mystery behind the dark force that possessed her daughter. Perhaps, she has already known about the book but just hasn't found it until after Nick's death. She may want to use the book to strike a deal with the devil and get her daughter back.

Nick Goode 

Nick Goode 

Admit it. It was gratifying to see Nick Goode's eyes getting bludgeoned by a knife at the end of 'Fear Street 1666'. Finally, the curse got lifted, and we assume that it is because he was dead. However, with the devil on his side, he might have survived and stolen the book to plot revenge against everyone. The killers that he and his family controlled never dies. They are always able to regenerate themselves. He seemed like a nice guy, but the final installment in the trilogy has revealed his true colors. He already sacrificed two innocent people to get what he wants. The first one was Tommy in 1978, and Ryan in 1994. With all his atrocities and knowledge of the spells in the book, we won't be surprised if he found a way to cheat his death. 

A Member Of the Goode Family 

Nick Goode

The Goode Family has the most motive to get the book. A generation of the Goodes has amassed immense wealth and power, thanks to the devil. As revealed in 'Fear Street 1666', the Shadysiders are never guilty of the mass killings. Unstoppable and sinister forces were controlling the killers, forcing them to do horrible crimes. That particular force is controlled by the Goode family members, which all began with the settler Solomon in 1666. The deal with the devil gets passed on across generations, and Nick Goode was the latest family member who offered an innocent soul in exchange for his promotion as a Sheriff. Everyone in the family probably knows about this demonic secret and will try to keep it within the family. The Goodes and Sunnyvale in general were only able to prosper because of the deal. For sure, they will have a hard time letting go of the power and wealth they have accumulated after all those centuries. Nick's Mayor brother technically denies any knowledge of the killing, but we highly doubt it. The Goodes might have already found an heir to Nick's responsibilities and trained that person in the ways of the occult. This theory almost seems full-proof, but there is a tiny crack. It will be too obvious to get the book back to the villainous family, and 'Fear Street' proves to be anything but predictable.

 The Queen Of Air And Darkness Girl

Josh and Queen of Air And Darkness

Queen Of Air And Darkness Girl's arrival was particularly suspicious. She and Josh have been chatting via AOL for a while, and she proves to be knowledgeable of Shadyside's history, as well as Sarah Fier's curse. Her identity was finally revealed at the end of  'Fear Street 1666’. She looked like a regular and cheerful school girl who is as equally nerdy as Josh. However, we can't help but get skeptical with her last-minute introduction. It seems like the film is setting her up for more. Her obsession with the town's history might influence her to get the book and study it herself. This curiosity can lead to the young girl reviving the curse. Her arrival can be a good set-up for future films.

How about you? Who do you think took the book? Tell us your theories in the comment section.

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