Where Will The Marvel Cinematic Universe Be In 15 Years?

Where Will The Marvel Cinematic Universe Be In 15 Years?

There is so much more in store that is yet to come, both in the form of movies as well as TV shows.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been expanding for the past 15 years. In that time we have seen many heroes save many lives and some others leave us while defeating multitudes of bad guys in the process. The Avengers assembled and disbanded, we met different Spider-Men, and there have been a lot of multiverses since then.

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There is so much more in store that is yet to come, both in the form of movies as well as TV shows. They will all be a part of the vast MCU that has been expanding at a quick pace since its inception in 2008. Here's what you can expect from the MCU over the next decade and a half:

1. More diversity

Over just the past few years, the MCU has released some strong female-led content. There have been Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch releases. Before this, there were not a lot of standalone films for these superheroes although they played a huge role in the films for their male counterparts. 


Additionally, there have been more Asian and superheroes of color gracing our screens like Shang-Chi, Sersi, Miles Morales, T’Challa, Sam Wilson, Kingo, and Kamala Khan to name a few. There will be more representation onscreen to come in the future.

2. More TV shows

There has been a multitude of Marvel heroes who have their own TV shows. Following the Disney and Marvel merger, and the launch of Disney+, there have been many hit shows ready to stream on the platform. Series have been spread across other networks like Netflix and ABC that are being brought onto Disney+. Both live-action, as well as animated series, are loved by the fans of the MCU. Fansided has even predicted the possibility of MCU TV shows outnumbering the films in the next 15 years.

3. Crossover events

Spider-Man: No Way Home became one of the biggest films with a reunion across the Sony-Marvel platforms that made history. The Sony partnership with Marvel will continue and we can expect a lot more crossovers over the years. The end credits scene of No Way Home even suggested that Venom has entered the MCU world in what can only be a set-up for a future showdown with Spider-Man. This could just be the starting of a long line of future collaborations and crossovers. Sony bought the rights to 900 related Marvel Comics characters along with Spider-Man including characters like Venom, Carnage, Black Cat, Vulture, and more so the possibilities are endless. 

Spider-man: No Way Home

4. Netflix and 20th Century Fox superheroes

Earlier this year it was announced that Marvel TV shows on Netflix are moving out of the streaming site including shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, and The Defenders. These characters have found their way home to the MCU and this means there is more potential for these heroes to grow here. 

Charlie Cox

Similarly, when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, it also brought home the X-Men and Fantastic Four heroes. There is now potential for expanding this even further with many more crossovers across the spectrum of the MCU.

5. Avengers revisited

The Avengers may have seen their way to the Endgame, but that does not mean there will no longer be any more Avenger-related content. The impact of the film has continued to other films so that story lives on. Now, there is potential for developing a series that will feature the origin stories of the Avengers. Individual heroes and their stories are the long-term plans for Marvel. There will also be new heroes who are introduced through their individual stories to culminate in another Avengers assembling as another saga of the superheroes kicks off.

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