When Can We Expect Flash Season 5 To Be On Netflix?

When Can We Expect Flash Season 5 To Be On Netflix?

Based on the character from DC Comics, 'The Flash' tells the story of a man being turned into a superspeeding superhero after being struck by lightning.

Back in 2013, 'The Flash' was first aired by the CW Network. Since then, it has garnered massive popularity and it could be arguably the most popular of the current DC TV universe. With the finale of the series looming over the horizon, fans are eager to know when season 5 will be heading to Netflix. The season 5 aired on CW on October 9, along with other DC titles such as 'Arrow', 'Black Lightning', 'Supergirl', and 'DC Legends of Tomorrow'. Here is everything you need to know about the series and when it will air on Netflix. 

1. What to expect from Flash season 5?


During the finale of Season 4, Barry Allen and his friends defeated 'The Thinker'. During the fight, Barry was helped by a mysterious Speedster with Purple Lightning ultimately saving his life and not sacrificing his own for the sake of the innocents below. The speedster was revealed to be Nora-West Allen, the future child of Barry and Iris. But saving her fathers life through time travel has resulted in a potentially grave mistake. Season 5 has picked up from where season 4 ended. 

2. Flash Season 5 Netflix US Release Date


The streaming giant added new seasons of The Flash to Netflix just before new seasons started. Since 2016, however, Netflix struck a deal with The CW which stipulates that new seasons get added roughly a week or two after the finale airs. Season 4's last episode aired on May 17th, 2018 and arrived on Netflix on May 30th. Season 5's finale will air on May 14th on The CW, hence the Netflix subscribers won't have to wait too long as Season 5 will air on May 22. 

3. Other region release date


Apart from the US, there are plenty of other regions in the world that are streaming the series. Some regions such as Canada, Belgium, Checz Republic, Greece, Israel, Netherlands, Romania, and Slovakia receive weekly episodes. But other regions such as Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, Sweden, the US, France, Hungary, Japan would have to wait for a long time until they get to see season 5 on Netflix. 

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