What Is Amber Heard's Net Worth? Can She Afford To Pay $15 Million In Damages To Depp?

What Is Amber Heard's Net Worth? Can She Afford To Pay $15 Million In Damages To Depp?

Can Amber Heard afford to pay $15 million in damages to Johnny Depp? Hmm! Good question!

Amber Heard just suffered a huge blow to her career. She has lost the Depp vs Heard trial and has to pay $15 million in damages to Johnny Depp. Can she afford it? Well, let's explore.

Amber Heard's Net Worth.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard's net worth is debatable. According to Fox Business, she has a net worth of $8 million while Celebrity Net Worth lists Heard's net worth at US$2.5 million. Whatever her net worth really is, it's clear that she cannot afford the $15 million that she must pay to Depp even after she is awarded the $2 million from Depp. In other words, Heard is in deep sh*t and she can't blame the dog this time!

Between the years 2013 and 2019, Heard has made $10 million. This may seem like a lot but given the verdict, it's definitely not going to contribute much unless she saved every penny over the course of those years. Los Angeles is expensive! She did have a fairly big role as Mera in Aquaman but according to reports, she was only paid $1 million for the role in the first film and $2 million for her role in the second film.

It's also worth noting that she received $7 million in her divorce settlement. A $7 million settlement that she said she was going to donate to the ACLU and The Children's Hospital Los Angeles. It was found out that she lied about it and given the current situation we can probably assume that it will never happen.

Amber Heard's net worth has a gulf in difference from Johnny Depp's net worth which is a whopping $150 million.

What Happens If She Can't Pay The Damages?

If she can't pay it initially, she will have to do it eventually and the judgment will haunt her until she can. She won't be able to buy new properties or anything lavish until she is able to pay. Every cent she earns will be owed to Depp, by law until the full amount is paid. There are also legal repercussions like jail time or whatever the law finds fit. She can also file for bankruptcy.

Back in 2019 Depp sued Heard for $50 million, alleging that the op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018 was defamatory. Heard then filed a counter-claim for $100 million against Depp, alleging she was abused by Depp.


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