‘What If…?’ Season 1 Ending Explained

‘What If…?’ Season 1 Ending Explained

The Watcher gathers the superheroes from various alternate realities to stop Ultron from destroying the multiverse. Here's how it ended.

'What if..?' has officially wrapped up its first season on Disney Plus. It has been one rip-roaring rollercoaster of a ride. The finale wraps up several loose ends and reveals the secret threads binding together what seemed to be a series of independent, isolated adventures.

The season finale, titled “The Watcher Broke His Oath,” convene the heroes from various alternate realities in a desperate bid to defeat a super-sentient Ultron from knocking down the multiverse.

Does The Watcher’s plan succeed? What happens to the multiverse? Here is everything that happened in the finale of ‘What If…?’ season 1.


'What If…?' Season 1 Synopsis and Ending Explained ‘What If..?' The Watcher Broke His Oath?’

The Watcher gathers superheroes such as Captain Carter, Star-Lord T’Challa, Party Thor, Killmonger, and Gamora from alternate realities to form a team. Along with Strange Supreme. He names them the Guardians of the Multiverse because they were chosen to protect the multiverse from Ultron, who has all six infinity stones.

The heroes map out a plan to locate Ultron, separate him from the Stones, and then destroy them with the help of Gamora’s Infinity Crusher.

The team prepares to confront Ultron in a barren wasteland reality, but Thor accidentally summons Ultron, and an explosive battle develops.

T’Challa was able to steal the Soul Stone from Ultron. Strange summons a bunch of undead to distract Ultron while the heroes escape to Ultron’s home dimension. 

There they encounter Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, the universe’s sole survivor. The Guardians power up the Infinity Crusher, but unfortunately, fail to destroy the stones.

Strange engages with Ultron in a fight while Natasha used Clint's Arnim Zola virus arrow to destroy Ultron. Zola shuts down Ultron, but Killmonger tries to steal the Infinity Stones.

Zola fights Killmonger for the stones’ possession. Strange comes up with a last-minute solution to trap Ultron, Killmonger, and the stones in a pocket dimension. 

What Happens to Ultron? Is the Multiverse Saved?

After the Guardians fail to destroy the stones, they need another plan to stop Ultron. Natasha manages to defeat Ultron by using Arnim Zola’s AI to infect Ultron’s AI. It worked! However, Zola takes over Ultron’s body.

We are still unsure if Ultron got completely shut down. We won't be surprised if the super-sentient computer program finds a way to bring himself back and wreak havoc again. But with the way the episode ended, we can safely say that Ultron is gone, at least for now.

Does that mean the multiverse is safe? Maybe for now. Zola and Killmonger fought over the Infinity Stones. Strange was able to stop them by putting them in a separate pocket universe, using a trick from The Watcher’s playbook. It was a similar universe he found himself after he ended up destroying his universe.

The Guardians of the Multiverse succeeded in saving the multiverse. But who knows what threats shall arise in the future? 

The Watcher Makes A New Oath

The Watcher has always been vocal about his oath to never interfere in the events of any single universe. However, the rise of Ultron made him realize that he must break his vows to stop Ultron. 

After the epic battle, The Watcher made a new vow. He will now protect every universe in the multiverse.

Who Is Inside the Hydra Stomper?

Like most films and TV shows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, What If…? Season 1 ended with a teasing cliffhanger.

During the mid-credits scene, we saw Captain Carter returning to her universe and resumes the mission she left. Following her fight with Batroc, Black Widow tells her that the pirates wanted the piece of technology that turns out to be the Hydra Stomper.

Black Widow also reveals that there is someone inside it. But before we could find out who is inside Hydra Stomper, the show cuts to credits.

So who is the person?

The most possible answer is Steve Rogers, who pilots the armor in the first episode.

Captain Carter returned to her universe after The Watcher insists. He also denied her request to go to a different timeline to be with Steve. Perhaps, The Watcher knows what her heart truly desires. So, it is very likely that he is the one inside the Hydra Stomper.

Yes, almost 70 years have passed since Carter last saw Steve. However, he can still be alive, just like how Bucky Barnes survived for many years through Hydra’s Winter Soldier program.

If that is the case, the Steve Rogers that Carter might see will be a brainwashed version of himself. That makes it an exciting setup for season 2. 

What Happens To The Guardians Of The Multiverse After Saving The Multiverse?

The Watcher congratulates the superheroes and sends them back to their respective universe. T'Challa returns to his reality and trains Peter Quill to become Star-Lord. Gamora goes to her reality, and Party Thor reunites with Jane in his world.

Captain Carter hesitated going back to her reality, but The Watcher convinces her that her world still needs her. Strange Supreme promises to watch over the pocket realities containing Zola and Killmonger.

Everyone ended up returning home, except Natasha, who now had nothing to come home to after her universe got destroyed. She begs The Watcher to restore her world, but he says he cannot do so.

The Watcher then teleports Natasha in the middle of the battle. While others might think that this was a random reality, observant fans will quickly notice that this is the world that has lost its Back Widow, the reality we saw in the third episode of the show. Captain America's presence and the absence of the Avengers confirms this.

Natasha then defeats Loki, and we know she's finally found her home. 

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