'What If…?' Episode 8: Ending Explained

'What If…?' Episode 8: Ending Explained

'What If…?' Episode 8 reverses one of the most heartbreaking deaths in Marvel history.

What If…? Episode 8 brought us another emotional moment that relived some of the most painful moments in Marvel history.

In this episode, we see an empowered version of Ultron fighting The Watcher for a battle that could redefine the course of the multiverse. Meanwhile, Natasha and Clint desperately try to search for the code that could take down Ultron. But the heroes' quest ends on a tragic note, with one of them sacrificing to save the other. 

Here is everything that happened in 'What If…? Episode 8.' 

'What If...?'

What If…? Episode 8: Synopsis and Ending Explained

‘What If…Ultron Won? begins with an epic battle between Romanoff/Black Widow and Clint Barton/Hawkeye against Ultron Sentries. In this reality, the Avengers failed to stop Ultron from combining with his organic body and the mind stone. As a result, Ultron killed most life on Earth. 

Thanos arrives on Earth, but Ultron kills him too and takes control of the assembled Infinity Stones. Using the cosmic stone, Ultron discovers other planets and starts attacking them too. Captain Marvel tries to stop Ultron but also gets killed. 

Back on Earth, Natasha and Clint search for a code that can take down Ultron. The Watcher considered helping them, but his oath kept him from doing so. Natasha finds the code and discovers that Arnim Zola’s computer-trapped consciousness is at a HYDRA facility. Zola helps Natasha and Clint destroy Ultron's program, but Zola fails to connect with the AI's hive mind. 

Ultron learns the existence of The Watcher and the multiverse. He attacks The Watcher, and the two extremely powerful characters engage in an epic fight.

'What If...?'

What If…? Episode 8 Ending: Did Ultron Kill The Watcher?

Ultron taunts The Watcher for not intervening despite the pain and misery that the world is suffering. The Watcher has reiterated that he has sworn an oath to never interfere in the natural course of things. He can only act as a mere observant in the events that transpire in the universe. 

However, The Watcher believes that Ultron rising to his power and discovering the existence of the multiverse is an anomaly that should've never happened. 

Ultron has become a formidable force. He managed to bring down The Watcher to his knees. Luckily, The Watcher managed to let out one last attack and teleport to Strange Supreme’s reality to escape. 

The Watcher and Strange Supreme agreed that The Watcher must now interfere because billions of lives across the multiverse are at stake. 

The episodes end with The Watcher asking Strange for help. With the rising threat that Ultron brings, The Watcher is willing to break his oath to help save the remaining lives in the multiverse. It is also likely that the two will gather more heroes to join the fight.

'What If...?'

The Significance Of Clint's Death

This episode brings another tragic death that will peel off some scabs from our wounds that barely healed following 2019's 'Avengers: Endgame. '

After failing to take down Ultron's program, Clint feels tired and hopeless with their situation. The Ultron Sentries comes after the heroes, and Clint decides to sacrifice himself to let Natasha and Zola escape. We saw Clint hanging off the edge. He then let go of Natasha's hand and jumps towards the Ultron Sentries. 

At the end of Episode 8, Clint dies in an explosion but brings down all the Ultron Sentries with him. 

Clint's death is a mirror image of Natasha's death in 'Avengers: Endgame' when Natasha sacrificed herself in the same way so Clint could return with the Soul Stone. Most Marvel fans are still not over Natasha's death, and seeing Clint undergo the same tragic fate in this alternate reality brings back the trauma and pain. 

Natasha survives, and she will likely work with The Watcher to stop Ultron in the future. 

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