'Westworld' Season 4 Episode 7 Ending Explained

'Westworld' Season 4 Episode 7 Ending Explained

The existential crisis inducing show has shaken people after the surprise ending left in this episode.

If Westworld wasn’t the first, it definitely would have been in the group that convinced you that the reality you live in isn’t real. In fact, the world is a simulation of your own making. But Westworld departs from that notion here because there are definitely overlords who control what’s happening. 


Fan favorite protagonist Doleres who started off as a ditzy country girl turned into a revolutionary in the later episodes of the show. But Evan Rachel Wood’s character essentially got deleted by Rehoboam at the end of Westworld season 3. This process wiped out all her memories and personality quirks that made Doleres. This season (the fourth), introduced Christina, a dead resemblance to Dolores in the way she looks and behaves but possesses no recollection of her former life. 


With some nudging from James Marsden’s Teddy, she figures out that the world around her is not real, that she's a host instead of a human, and that Charlotte Hale is the villain pulling humanity's strings. Christina has achieved perfection in her narrative-writing powers and can manipulate humans through telepathic commands. However, the kicker is that she has these powers shut down by William's tonal command, which introduced another nightmare. No one could see her.


The episode ends with Teddy saying, "You're not in this world. It's real. But you're not." From what this author understands, there is some kind of switcheroo taking place here, because suddenly she is not real but the world is but in the beginning the world wasn’t real and she was? Is it like Neo from the Matrix, where you wake up in the real world but nothing still seems real? This also begs the question of whether Teddy is real in both worlds.


But since Christina spent the season interacting with people around her, it seems like the world might have some more control than originally expected. Charlotte Hale may have sent some henchmen to make sure Christina doesn’t step out of line. But she has also interacted with other people so it might be that she used her manipulative powers to make the other people see her. Many are concerned about whether this Christina character is permanent or not. 


Will Dolores ever make an appearance again? Because it is quite possible she uploaded herself in the Sublime and can access her memories from there. If that is made possible, then it wouldn’t be too late until we see the protagonist make a return from her season-long hiatus. 

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