Were The Sex Scenes In '365 Dni' Real? The Cast Reveals

Were The Sex Scenes In '365 Dni' Real? The Cast Reveals

After watching '365 Dni", especially the yacht scene, many fans were left wondering if it was real or not. We finally have the answer!

'365 Dni' has become the newest viral phenomenon on the streaming giant Netflix. It follows a professional woman named Laura who is kidnapped by a mob boss and given 365 days to fall in love and stars Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka.

Many scenes of the film were very steamy and explicit. So much so that fans were left wondering if any of the intimate scenes were actually real. Now, we have the answer.

A fan of the film took to Twitter to ask Michele Morrone, who played Massimo, whether or not the scenes were real. Michele let out a chuckle before explaining that the scenes were not real and that the reason it looked real was that they were good with the acting. Check out the video interview below.


So now you know, the scenes weren't real and I'm sure that there are some terms and policies from Netflix that prevent that from happening anyway. 

'365 Dni' was directed by Barbara Bialowas and is based on a novel written by Blanka Lipinska. The film was shot primarily in Warsaw, Poland, and Sicily. Viewers didn't only fall in love with the beautiful main characters but all the wonderful scenic views of the locations where it was filmed as well. We see beautiful beaches, colorful terraces, and marvelous decor. The film may have been criticized for its plot, or lack thereof, but no one can deny that it was easy on the eyes.

Fanpages of the film took to Instagram and shared snips of the cast and crew having a blast while filming. If you're curious to know how the film was shot and want to see some behind-the-scenes footage then feel free to check them out below. 



365 Dni is now streaming on Netflix.

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