'Warrior Nun Season 3' : Potential Release Date, Renewal Status, And More

'Warrior Nun Season 3' : Potential Release Date, Renewal Status, And More

It's hard to say just when Warrior Nun Season 3 will release...

Warrior Nun Season 3

Warrior Nun came back for its second season on Netflix in early November 2022 and fans are already longing for the next season, but will there be one? Here's everything we know about Warrior Nun season 3...

Who is in the Cast Of Warrior Nun?

Alba Baptista, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Lorena Andrea, Toya Turner, Emilio Sakraya, and Jack Mullarkey are some of the key Cast members of Warrior Nun. 

Will there be a third season of Warrior Nun?


Well, we aren't sure! Despite showrunner Simon Barry's fam campaign efforts to drive viewership, it has yet to be renewed.

Unfortunately, the performance of the show isn't looking that great. Netflix looks into multiple metrics when it comes to renewing shows; for the most part, viewership is the most important aspect. This is what Simon Barry, Showrunner of Warrior Nun, said while speaking to ScreenRant, “Of course, when you end a season as writers, you always want to make sure that you’ve not written yourself into a corner. And yes, we did have a notion about what season 3 could be and how that would look. But of course, it’s up to the fans. If they show up in big numbers. Netflix will make the right decision. And so, hopefully, that’s what will happen.”

What would Warrior Nun 3 be about?


Warning, Light Spoilers ahead...

Before we start with our prediction, lets us quickly recap the event of the last episode of Season 2, titled Jeremiah 29:13; here is the official synopsis for the final episode, "Ava visits the other realm and returns with a new plan to end Adriel’s unholy charade — but it will require superhuman strength and painful sacrifices."

By the end of season 2, a war is waging. The season ended on a big cliffhanger. Adriel has been defeated, having been discovered to be controlling earth but with that gone, what lies is another threat which might be the next season's conflict. Beyond that, the order has been mostly rebuilt and should be able to sustain in season 2, with the hurdles mostly resolved with Ava confessing her love for Beatrice. 

Potential Release Date Of Warrior Nun 3...

As nothing has been confirmed, it's hard to tell! But based on previous release dates, we're not likely to see any episodes until 2024. Season 1 dropped in July 2020 and was followed by the second season in 2022. Based on this pattern, fans can hope to see the third season by mid-2024.

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