Warner Bros. Reportedly Making A Doctor Fate Movie

Warner Bros. Reportedly Making A Doctor Fate Movie

Warner Bros. is said to be working on a Doctor Fate film and the story is already set. They are currently looking for a main character.

DC movies are usually a hit and miss. Sometimes you get brilliant and well written films like Dark Knight or Wonder Woman. Then sometimes you get complete trash like Batman V Superman. So I'm always going to give DC a chance to prove themself before jumping on a bandwagon of hate.

This time around Warner Bros. is trying to recover from the many failures of Justice League by putting some effort into the League's precursor in the comics, the Justice Society of America.

The Justice Society of America isn't as popular as the Justice League but there is still a lot of potential. And according to reports, the first member that Warner Bros. is planning to bring to the big screen is Doctor Fate.

Doctor Fate

The story of Doctor Fate is said to be already set and Warner Bros. is now looking for someone, supposedly of color between the age of 30-40 to play the role.

The movie‚Äôs first half will be a period piece and the second half will be set in the modern day. 

If you are unaware of the character all you need to know is that Doctor Fate is a mystical hero who derives his power from the golden helmet of Nabu. When worn, the host becomes possessed by an ancient sorcerer.

Doctor Fate

The mantle of Doctor Fate has been passed on to different people over different times with the most popular being Kent Nelson. But given that Warner Bros. is looking for a person of color I will assume that they will go with the Khalid Nassour version of Fate, an Egyptian/American medical student who acquired the helmet in 2015.

There is also the possibility of the film starring both Kent Nelson and Khalid Nassour since it's going to be split into two parts. Whatever WB decides to do with the character let's hope that they create a good story.

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