'Violent Night' : Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Plot, How To Watch

'Violent Night' : Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Plot, How To Watch

This December, Santa Claus is all set to rescue you and your kids from the hands of goons.

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David Harbour's Santa might not make your kid happy but it is sure to entertain you this December. Coming from Norwegian director Tommy Workola, the movie is set to greet you this holiday season. Violent Night is a dark and thrilling take on the festival that everyone loves so much! Directed by Tommy Wirkola, and written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, Violent Night follows Santa Claus coming to rescue when a group of mercenaries attacks an estate of a very well-off family. Here's the plot, trailer, cast, and release date of the movie; Violent Night. 

Release Date and How to Watch...


Violent Night premiered at the New York Comic Con this year on October 7, 2022, followed by a nationwide theatrical release on Friday, December 2, 2022. 

What is the Plot of Violent Night?

Violent Night is a twisted take on the mythical legend that we all adore so very much, Santa Claus. If you are looking for a holly, jolly Christmas film, this ain't the pick! Santa was on his way to do his duty of dropping gifts when he realized that he was being interrupted by a bunch of goons. Upon his landing, he is surrounded by men with arms and is attacked immediately. Initially, he tries to make a quiet escape but his efforts are in vain, hence Santa decided to reveal a side of him that nobody knew he had. The goons take the family as hostages for a fat payout. But, of course, all's well that ends well, tune in to find out...

Who Is In The Cast Of Violent Night?

Violent Night has David Harbour as Father Noel himself, he is joined by John Leguizamo, Beverly D'Angelo, Alex HassellAlexis LouderCam Gigandet, Edi Patterson, and André Eriksen in various roles. The Christmas story sees Harbour's Santa as not so much the elusive character that he is known for but the character is written with his human side as a highlight. In other roles, Leguizamo stars as Ben, the leader of the mercenaries; D'Angelo as Gertrude, the matriarch of the family, Alex Hassell as Skyler, one of Gertrude's children who is spending Christmas with his wife and daughter at the family estate; and Alexis Louder as Margie Matthews, Skyler's estranged wife who is spending the holidays at the house for the sake of her daughter's happiness. 

Is there a Trailer for Violent Night?

Indeed, there is. Watch the trailer for Violent Night...Watch as Santa becomes fittingly dangerous for the goons...


Is there a Poster for Violent Night?

Check Out the Poster Below...

Violent Night
Violent Night

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