Vagabond Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Can we expect more Vagabond? Let's explore.

Vagabond Season 2

Vagabond is a South Korean action thriller television series starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. It was first aired on SBS TV in 2019 and later on Netflix. The series follows the story of Cha Dal-geon, a stuntman who goes on a quest to investigate the death of his niece in a plane crash. Along the way, he uncovers a massive conspiracy involving government corruption and organized crime.

Vagabond was a critical and commercial success, becoming one of the most popular Korean dramas of 2019. The series ended on a cliffhanger, leaving fans eager for a second season.

Is there going to be a Vagabond Season 2?

Renewal Status: Pending


As of right now, there has been no official confirmation from the producers or the cast. However, there have been several reports that a second season is in the works. In 2020, Lee Seung-gi said in an interview that he was "hopeful" for a second season, and Bae Suzy has also expressed interest in returning.

There are a few reasons to believe that Vagabond Season 2 is a possibility. First, the series was a huge hit for Netflix, and the streaming service has been known to greenlight second seasons for popular shows. Second, the ending of Vagabond left a lot of unanswered questions, which could be explored in a second season.

Of course, there are also some reasons to be skeptical about Vagabond Season 2. The first season ended over two years ago, and it's possible that the producers have moved on to other projects. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult to produce new television shows.

Overall, the chances of a Vagabond Season 2 seem to be good, but there is no guarantee. Fans will just have to wait and see if the producers make an announcement in the future.

What Could Happen In Vagabond Season 2?


In Season One of "Vagabond," the narrative revolves around Cha Dal-gun (played by Lee Seung-gi), a highly skilled stuntman who tragically loses his orphaned nephew, Cha Hoon, in a suspicious plane crash. This devastating incident serves as the catalyst for Cha Dal-gun's relentless quest to uncover the truth behind what appears to be a carefully orchestrated tragedy. As he embarks on this journey, he finds himself entangled in a web of corruption that runs deep within the shadows of power.

The core of Season One is Cha Dal-gun's unwavering determination to seek justice for his nephew. Driven by his love for Cha Hoon and his need to unravel the mystery surrounding the plane crash, Cha Dal-gun becomes a one-man investigative force. His pursuit of the truth leads him down a perilous path where danger lurks at every turn.

Throughout the first season, viewers are introduced to the complex and dangerous world that Cha Dal-gun must navigate. As he delves deeper into the investigation, he uncovers shocking secrets and hidden agendas. The series is marked by suspenseful twists, high-stakes action sequences, and a constant sense of tension that keeps the audience engaged and on the edge of their seats.

A pivotal character in Cha Dal-gun's journey is Go Hae-ri, portrayed by Bae Suzy. She initially serves as a National Intelligence Service agent but later transforms into a covert operative. Go Hae-ri's partnership with Cha Dal-gun becomes crucial in unraveling the conspiracy, and their dynamic adds depth to the storyline. Her character brings a blend of intelligence, resourcefulness, and courage to the narrative, making her a formidable ally.

In Season Two of "Vagabond," fans can anticipate the continuation of this gripping narrative. While specific plot details are yet to be revealed, the core elements that made the first season a thrilling success are expected to be retained. This includes the intense pursuit of justice, the exposure of corruption, and the complex relationships between the characters.

Who Could Be In The Cast Of Vagabond Season 2?


The cast of Season 2 will most likely include notable actors who played pivotal roles in the first season:

1. Bae Suzy as Go Hae-ri – Go Hae-ri is a National Intelligence Service agent who evolves into a covert operative. Her character is marked by her dedication to her mission and her ability to adapt to challenging situations.

2. Shin Sung-rok as Gi Tae-ung – Gi Tae-ung is the head of the information team at the National Intelligence Agency. His role in Season Two is likely to involve intelligence-gathering and strategic planning.

3. Baek Yoon-sik as Jung Kook-Pyo – Jung Kook-Pyo is the President of Korea. His presence in the series hints at the political intrigue that may play a significant role in the storyline.

4. Kim Jong-soo as An Ki-dong – An Ki-dong is the Director General of the NIS, indicating his involvement in the intelligence operations that will be central to the plot.

5. Lee Geung-young as Edward Park – Edward Park is the Head of D.K.P (Dynamic KP), suggesting that corporate interests and power dynamics may come into play.

6. Yang Hyung-wook as Kye Jang-su – Kye Jang-su is described as a tech genius, and his character's expertise is likely to be a valuable asset in the unfolding events of Season Two.