Uzumaki Anime: Release Date, Plot, Teaser And More

Uzumaki Anime: Release Date, Plot, Teaser And More

Classic Lovecraftian horror with an Asian influence. Uzumaki is one of Junji ito's masterpieces of horror manga and is now gettign its own mini-series soon!

You'd be easily forgiven as an anime watcher, thinking that this is another one of those prequels or OVAs about Konoha's rich ninja history, but this is a COMPLETELY different thing altogether. Junji Ito's brainchild springs to life in an adaptation to the screen of his 20-year old horror manga Uzumaki made into a four-part mini-series for Adult Swim. Ito is famous for his work in titles such as Tomie, and Gyo, although a lot of his stuff is more in the form of shorter stories like Slug Girl and Glyceride. For those who don't know about Junji Ito, his work is drawn and inked in black and white and can be scary enough to cause nightmares. To those who know of his work already, this adaptation might be met with a bit of trepidation.

Is It Any Good?

Spirals, Spirals Everywhere...

While we have to reserve passing judgment on it before we see it, signs are that this particular anime mini-series might be closer to what Ito expects to see his creations become when animated. One of his previous works, Tomie ( a story about a succubus), was adapted into both live-action and animated form, but the results were mixed, even from his manga fans. Part of the reason for the lukewarm reception is the addition of color to the anime. The stark black-and-white palette of Ito's manga work adds a sense of muted terror to the printed page. It's something that was sadly lost when Tomie was adapted for television. Even the manga's weird angles would be almost impossible to reproduce without a skilled director at the helm, and Ito had been adamantly against the adaptation of Uzumaki to film for many years.

What Changed?

Adult Swim signed Hiroshi Nagahama to the directorial role, however, Ito was reportedly thrilled and gave the go-ahead to start working on the adaptation. Nagahama is famous for the work he did on previous titles such as Flowers of Evil and Mushi-shi. One anime critic noted that Nagahama's mixture of the real world and that of the surreal was more akin to manga than other directorial styles. It's this glowing recommendation that is very likely the reason why Ito opted to go ahead with the production of the title.

What's Uzumaki About?

It's scarier than it looks.

Ito's Uzumaki centers on a town named Kurōzu-cho (Black Spiral Town), where a sudden influx of weird and crazy happenings begin occurring frequently. Spirals start showing up all over town, first out in the open and then, alarmingly, on human bodies. As the story advances, we start realizing that something has occurred in the town, and little by little unspeakable horrors start happening. Amidst this Lovecraftian backdrop, we find a resident of the town Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend Shuichi Saito trying to find out what's happening with Kurōzu-cho and if there's some way to stop it, all the while trying to avoid the spirals themselves. Uzumaki's immersive nature has seen it make its way onto several "essential horror" lists for manga.

Why Are We Looking Forward to It?

While the idea of an animated Uzumaki is a bit worrying based on memories of the adaptation of Tomie, fans of the manga can take heart. It has been said that Uzumaki will be animated entirely in black and white in an attempt to maintain the style and tone of the original manga! Additionally, the mini-series will have a score composed by Colin Stetson, the composer of the haunting score for Ari Aster's Hereditary. If you're a fan of horror anime or horror in general, this might be precisely what you need to scratch that itch. Just be careful to avoid those spirals...

Release Date


Final release dates are still unclear. The studio has confirmed that it will be released 'sometime in 2020.'

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