'Uncharted' Post-Credits Scenes Explained By Director

'Uncharted' Post-Credits Scenes Explained By Director

Fans of the action-adventure series Uncharted have long been waiting for the games to get a big-screen adaptation and, after a series of delays, finally now have the chance to see the film.

Uncharted has finally arrived on Netflix, giving adventure fans another chance to see Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg in the film that made over $400 million at the U.S. box office earlier this year. Uncharted is based on the popular video game series published by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation family of consoles.

Uncharted follows Holland as Nathan Drake, an amateur thief, and the bartender with a knack for cracking clues. When Wahlberg’s Victor “Sully” Sullivan recruits Nate for an overseas treasure hunt, the race begins to find a $5 billion treasure before it falls into the wrong hands.


Ending, Explained by the director:

“Well, I think that they're treasure hunters. I don't know if I'd necessarily label them as thieves, per se,” the director explained. “They don't end up with [most of] the gold. The treasure's returned to where it belongs, which is the people from whom it was once taken, so I think, in the end, everybody wins. Nate gets a taste for adventure. Sully gets to have a little bit of gold, and the audience, hopefully, had an exciting adventure play out before them.”

Fleischer explains both scenes to IndieWire and speaks about their importance to the film. For the first post-credits scene with Sam, the director notes that, in the games, the character also makes a return. Fleischer says that he wanted to avoid a storyline that would require some sort of miraculous resurrection in a potential sequel if they confirmed Sam as dead. When explaining the second scene, he says that it was important to indicate that Sullivan will evolve as a character and that his meeting back up with Nathan establishes the type of relationship they will have going forward. Read Fleischer's full quotes about the scenes below:


"Because I feel like audiences would just be like, ‘What reality are we living in that this person we thought was dead, we can just summon?' So I thought it was important that even though Nate doesn’t know that Sam’s alive, that audiences know that there’s a possibility of him returning in future films, if we’re lucky enough to get to make a sequel."

"It allowed Sully to achieve his signature mustache. I think it’s important for gamers to know that we didn’t just shave Mark wantonly, but we were hyper-aware that the character that he will evolve to become will have a mustache... Beyond just facial hair, I wanted to make sure audiences knew that this is a team that was going to go on additional adventures together, and that the movie didn’t just end with them flying literally off into the sunset, but that there was more adventure to come. So the suggestion of them together in another exotic locale, and it ends with kind of a cliffhanger, I wanted it to be something where we don’t know what’s going to happen next to these guys, but we know that they’re going to be continuing on this journey.”

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