Tyler Hoechlin: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Superman & Lois' Actor

Tyler Hoechlin: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Superman & Lois' Actor

Tyler Hoechlin didn't even have to try hard to become Superman.

Superman & Lois finally dropped on The CW last week, and once again, our eyes got caught by the striking Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Clark Kent / Superman.

Hoechlin has already proven he is fit for the caped superhero role after he played the character in Supergirl.

Now that the spin-off series is finally here let us try to know who Tyler Hoechlin is when he is not donning his superhero alter.

Here are interesting facts about Tyler Hoechlin, his early life, and his rise to fame. 

Tyler Hoechlin Superman

1. He Did Not Audition for Superman

Landing an iconic superhero role is usually a big battle between actors and actresses. However, Tyler Hoechlin did not even have to go through an audition to play Superman in Supergirl.

The producers of the CW series already knew Hoechlin. They just invited him over to talk about the role. Hoechlin was already aware that they would be discussing a part for Supergirl, but he had no idea that they wanted him to play the Man of Steel himself. 

The meeting went well, and they asked the actor if he would be interested in playing Superman. He told Entertainment Weekly that his answer was an immediate, “Yeah, absolutely. I’m obviously a fan.”

However, long before he effortlessly landed the prominent role, Hoechlin already started building his name in the industry at an early age. His journey in the entertainment industry is quite amusing. Continue reading.

2. He Started His Acting Career To Buy Video Games

When Tyler Hoechlin was young, his motivation for acting was pretty simple: to buy video games. He knew that acting gigs would bring in money because his mom told him he had picked up some commercials as a baby.

He told Empire: "At the time I was, like, seven or eight years old, and I brought up, 'Oh, that'd be kind of cool to go and make my own money so I could buy my own video games."

Disney Sing Along Songs: Happy Haunting Party at Disneyland (1998)

3. His First Acting Role Was In A Disney Sing-Along Songs

Tyler Hoechlin got his first professional acting gig at the age of 11. He played a minor role in Disney Sing Along Songs: Happy Haunting, which was released in 1998 on VHS. The video was about a Halloween party at the haunted mansion in Disneyland with several songs to sing along to. Needless to say, he is already a charmer, and his face is already perfect for the camera, even at a young age.

4. He Starred In 'Road To Perdition' AT The Age Of 13

Two years after his minor acting gig at Disney, Tyler Hoechlin landed his breakout role as Tom Hanks' son in the critically acclaimed 2002 graphic novel adaptation Road To Perdition. Hoechlin delivered an amazing performance alongside Hollywood's greatest. The young Hoechlin garnered several awards for his performance, including a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for Best Youth Performance, a Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor, and a Young Artist Award for Best Youth Actor Leading Role in a Motion Picture Drama.


5. He Starred In '7th Heaven' When He Was A Teenager

Tyler Hoechlin's award-winning performance in 'Road To Perdition' led him to the role of Martin Brewer in The WB's family drama 7th Heaven.

He played the character of a baseball star who tries to land a college scholarship for his skills. He was the son of a Marine and eventually ended living with the Camdens for a few years. Unknown to many, his role in the 7th Heaven was closer to real life, which leads us to the next fact.

6. He Gave Up A Promising Baseball Career For Acting 

Much like his character in 7th Heaven, Tyler Hoechlin was also a baseball star. He used to play for the Arizona State Sun Devils and UC-Irvine in college. In the past, he used to prioritize his baseball career over his acting work.

There was a time when he turned down a meeting with Francis Ford Coppola and a role in the Twilight series because of his packed baseball schedule. However, his priority changed when he started landing more acting offers. The final straw that made him decide to switch career is a hamstring injury that forced him to give up on his baseball dreams.

"Because of baseball, I was putting acting on the backburner. It was like an answered prayer. It was like the decision was made for me. I wasn't going to quit until someone told me to stop," Hoechlin told ESPN

Tyler Hoechlin

7. He Played A Werewolf in the Television Series Teen Wolf

After deciding to fully commit to acting, Tyler Hoechlin landed the role of Derek Hale, a werewolf in the MTV television series Teen Wolf.

Hoechlin was a regular on the series during the first four seasons, then returned as a guest star for the sixth and final season in 2017. Hoechlin bagged the Teen Choice Awards The role for Male Scene Stealer for the role. 

8. He Was Once Insulted After Politely Refusing To Take A Picture With A Fan

Being a celebrity is not always glamorous and exciting. Fame brings attention, both wanted and unwanted. In 2016, Tyler Hoechlin talked to Empire about his negative experience with crazy fandom. Back then, he was already building a huge following after his successful stint in Teen Wolf. One time, he was approached by a fan who wanted to take a photo with him at a pool. He was uncomfortable taking the photo in swimsuits, so he politely declined and chatted with her for 10-minutes instead. He thought everything ended well, but the girl's mother freaked out and told him he is "nothing without [his] fans." 

"Wow, so the fact that I actually had a ten-minute conversation with your daughter means nothing because she can't post that on her Instagram," the actor said. 


9. He Is Older Than Christopher Reeve Was in 'Superman: The Movie.'

It is funny to think that Tyler Hoechlin got criticized for looking too young when he first portrayed Superman in Supergirl, when in fact, he was older than Christopher Reeve when he played the character in 1978's Superman: The Movie.

Hoechlin was 29 when he was cast for the role in Supergirl, while Reeve was just 26 when he landed the gig of Clark Kent. 

10. Random Facts About Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin was born on September 11, 1987, in Corona, California. He is currently 33 years old. His last name is pronounced Heck-lin. He has an active social media presence, and he is not scared to use these platforms for campaigns against anti-racism. Here's a link to his Instagram and Twitter if you wish to follow him.


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