Triad Princess Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Triad Princess Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The daughter of a notorious gangster gets entangled with the super popular actor in this starcrossed romantic comedy that will have you at the edge of your seat in suspense and laughter

Taiwanese shows have been getting plenty of buzz recently especially in East and Southeast Asia and Triad Princess happens to be one of the first few that is up for streaming on Netflix. Fans outside of Taiwan have slowly started to emerge including those who are marks of K-drama. And the reason why shows from Taiwan are getting so much focus these days is that they focus largely on romance instead of thriller and crime.
The first season for Triad Princess recently dropped on Netflix on December 6, 2019, with over six episodes, and has already amassed a decent fan base. What's interesting is that the fans are already anticipating the arrival of the second season. If you happen to be one of those fans, there's no better place to get the latest on the next chapter than here.
But if you're someone that hasn't heard of the show until now, we'll also be happy to give you the lowdown on the premise for the show. However, we should inform you that there are also potential spoilers that come with this article, so read at your own risk.

What Is the Plot of Triad Princess? (Spoilers Ahead!)

Triad Princess

The story focuses on a young cheerful girl named Angie Ni (played by Eugenie Liu), who is the daughter of a triad boss Ni Kun (played by Michael Huang) who leads a fearsome gang called the Cosmos. Being 25 years old and having grown tired of being in the shadow of her father for so many years, she finally decides to leave her father to start living her own life.
Knowing she would stand out for being the daughter of a known criminal, Angie creates a new identity and takes up the position of an undercover bodyguard for a famous actress. As she starts her new life, she eventually crosses paths with her celebrity crush named Xu Yi Hang, where she also discovers romance.
However, Xu Yi Hang isn't exactly how he is portrayed in front of cameras and paparazzi, but finds it really comfortable to be himself to Angie. Hang soon finds himself infatuated with Angie's boundless cheerfulness and innocence, which is where a snowball of romance and emotions starts rolling down the snowy peak, that is before he gets an eye-opener.
Hang's film career along with Angie's criminal background equates their romance to that of Romeo and Juliet, where external are constantly trying to keep these two away from one another.
Given that Angie is in the spotlight of news media and the paparazzi because of being around Hang, she's literally walking on thin ice where she could indirectly expose her father's business as well as Cosmos' activities to the public. This is what puts Angie and Hang's love to the test, which as we've seen over the years, always finds a way around.

Who’s in Triad Princess (Cast)?

Triad Princess

The actress who plays the main female lead Ni An Qi (also known as Angie) is played by Eugenie Liu. She has starred in several other shows including 'Good Times', 'Behind Your Smile' and 'Fan Club'. She's also starred in movies, especially in ‘Mon, Mon, Mon, MONSTERSS' that was released in 2017. 
Despite being the daughter of Liu Ming-tze, who is an actor himself, Eugenie started out with a different career(s) in mind, including journalism and sports. When she was a student, she thought about combining her two main interests in hopes of becoming a sports reporter, but as things are now in the present, she eventually opted to become an actress.
Next, we have the main male lead Xu Yi Hang who is played by Jasper Liu, who is a revered Taiwanese musician and model who made his acting debut in 2011 in 'In Time with You' as a supporting actor. Ever since then, Liu has starred in various well-known shows and movies alike over the years. Some of those roles include the critically hailed 'The Patisserie with No Name' where he is the main lead, along with remarkable performances in ‘Take Me To The Moon’, ‘When I See You Again’, ‘Once Upon a Love’, and ‘Pleasantly Surprised’ among others.
Other actors that are part of the show’s supporting cast include:
●     Michael JQ Huang as Angie’s father
●     Chang Shu-Wei as Wang Jin Guo
●     Amanda Liu
●     Tien Hsin
●     Lee Lee-zen
●     Tsao Yu-Ning
●     Hung Yan-siang
●     Chang Zhang-xing
●     Cecilia Choi

Triad Princess Season 2 Release Date

Triad Princess

Unlike the US and UK shows, there really isn't that much news coverage and circulation about shows from other countries or regions, like it is in Asia for Triad Princess. In short, we really have no idea when the next season is coming or have any information about its production at this point.
The first season for Triad Princess just premiered on Netflix on December 6, 2019. With this in mind, we shouldn't be expecting the second season to premiere anytime soon.

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