'Trese' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Trese' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Trese' is currently making waves on Netflix. Here's what to expect from our mandirigmang-babaylan after defeating the “God of War.”

'Trese' has finally dropped on Netflix, and the animated series quickly garnered international attention for its action-packed story and unique animation style.

'Trese' is an adaptation of a black and white comic created by writer Budjette Tan and artist Kajo Baldisimo.

It tells the story of a young female mandirigmang-babaylan (warrior-shaman) who investigates crimes committed by folklore monsters in the modern city of Manila.

We saw her fight a tikbalang (werehorse), aswang (shape-shifting monster), and a tiyanak (vampire baby), among others, in the first season. Will she be facing more monsters in the future?

Here's what we know.


Will There Be 'Trese' Season 2? 

Netflix is yet to renew the animated series for season 2, but the future is looking bright for the mandirigmang-babaylan. Three days after its release, the animated series managed to enter the top 10 TV shows list on Netflix in 19 countries. 'Trese' is the first Filipino comic to receive a Netflix adaptation. So it wasn't surprising that the anime adaptation took the number one spot in Netflix's top 10 in the Philippines. Unfortunately, some Filipinos criticized the Filipino dubbing of the lead-star, saying it was lifeless and monotonous. Nonetheless, the series still received plenty of support. 


Other countries where it ranked are Qatar (#3), United Arab Emirates (#4), and Jamaica (#5), Austria, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Kuwait, Lithuania, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Serbia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Furthermore, there is still a plethora of source material left. The first season has only adapted the first 3 volumes of the original comic series.

Knowing that Netflix is invested in adapting Asian stories, they are very likely to give 'Trese' season 2 a green light.

If you loved Trese, then the best thing you should do right now is to keep watching and sharing the series with your friends. This way, the animated series will get more views and hopefully please Netflix enough to secure a renewal. 


When Will 'Trese' Season 2 Release?

With the lack of renewal, we can only speculate when 'Trese' Season 2 might be available. It took four years for the animated series to find its way to our screens since its announcement. Trese was first announced in November 2018 during Netflix’s ‘See What’s Next Asia’ event in Singapore. The first season finally arrived on Netflix on June 11, 2021.

Hopefully, the second season wouldn't take that long. If the anime gets renewed soon, we might see season 2 by mid-2022 or earlier.

We will update this space once more information is available.


What Is The Plot Of 'Trese' Season 2? 

We can safely make predictions based on where season 1 left off.

By the end of season 1, Trese defeated the demon warlord Talagbusao and trap him in another dimension using the Dragon’s Gate.

But we know that the dangers of the supernatural world will never leave Trese alone. In the post-credits scene, a jiangshi (a Chinese vampire-like creature) comes to Manila in search of Alexandra.

The ending perfectly sets up the events for season 2. We don't know what the jiangshi wants yet. Assuming the show gets renewed, the jiangshi's intentions will most likely get unveiled. 


Trese has fulfilled her task as a supernatural investigator quite well in the first season. But she has personal and familial issues to face herself. 

During her epic battle with Talagbusao, the “God of War,” revealed that Trese's father killed her twin sister, fearing what she could become. We learned that Trese has other siblings, but we haven't met and don't know much about them yet. They will likely get introduced in season 2. 

Meanwhile, we can expect Trese to continue to uphold her noble title as the mandirigmang-babaylan with the twins Basilio and Crispin by her side. The council between humans and the clans of monsters her father once established is now torn.  This will make it harder for the little Trese to protect the humans, now that most of the clans no longer respect her authority.

Liza Soberano

Who Is Cast In 'Trese' Season 2?

'Trese' mostly consists of Filipino descent cast members.

The anime is not renewed yet, but assuming it will, season 1's cast members are likely to return.

Despite some negative feedback from the Filipino community, Liza Soberano is still likely to reprise her role as Trese for the Filipino dub version.

Although there were several casualties by the end of the first season, we can't take out the possibility that these characters will return in season 2 since the show often utilizes flashbacks.

The rest of the season 1 Filipino voice actors who could return are:

Simon dela Cruz – The Kambal (Crispin and Basilio)
Apollo Abraham – Captain Guerrero
Christopher Carlo Caling – Hank
Eugene Adalia – Anton Trese 
Cheska Aguiluz – Miranda Trese 
Christian Velarde – Nuno
Bryan Encarnacion – Datu Talagbusao
Nica Rojo – Ramona
Jose Amado Santiago – Marco
Steve dela Cruz – Maliksi
Rene Tandoc – Mayor Santamaria
Steffi Graf Bontogon-Mola – Young, Teen Alexandra

Trese Voice Cast

For the English dub version, we are expecting the following voice cast members to reprise their roles.

Shay Mitchell – Alexandra Trese 
Nicole Scherzinger – Miranda Trese
Griffin Puatu – The Kambal (Crispin and Basilio), Bantay
Matt Yang King – Captain Guerrero, Dominic
Jon Jon Briones – Hank, Xa-Mul
Steve Blum – Datu Talagbusao, Ibwa
Carlos Alazraqui – Anton Trese, Santelmo 
Manny Jacinto – Maliksi
Eric Bauza – Nuno the Snitch, Bagyon Lektro 
Darren Criss – Marco  
Lou Diamond Phillips – Mayor Sancho Santamaria 
Dante Basco – Bagyon Kulimlim
Rodney To – Aswang market guard

Again, these are still potential cast lists. We will update this article once the season 2 official cast list is confirmed.

'Trese' Season 2 Official Trailer: When Can We See It?

It's going to be a while before we would see our little Trese back. It might take months or years before season 2 is finally ready (again, assuming it gets renewed soon).

We will leave you with season 1's official trailer in the meantime. 


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