'Treason' Ending Explained: Is Adam Really Dead?

Filled with twists and betrayals the plot of Treason will always keep you at the edge of your seat...

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Heavy Spoilers Ahead, Tread Carefully...

A show named Treason is bound to incorporate twists and turns in the plotline but this Netflix show is as surprising as it can get. Following Daredevil's pretty temporary demise, Charlie Cox is back, everyone! So what exactly happens in Treason? Who dies? Who survives? Let's get you well aquatinted with the betrayal-filled plotline, shall we?

What is The Premise of Treason?


The show tells the story of Adam Lawrence as he deals with the responsibilities that come from being the deputy to the Chief of MI6 and also a family man. Adam is married to a former soldier who works as a medic to help agents recover from physical injuries named Maddy. The couple is parents to two children, a teenage daughter named Ella and a younger son, Callum. Things take a sharp turn when one day the chief dies, and he has to take on the role of MI6 Chief. Soon Adam learns that his former lover and informant, Kara is the brain behind the poisoning of Angelis. A few days later, his daughter Ella is kidnapped after school. Adam searches for Ella everywhere but fails to find any leads. Hence, he is forced to accept Kara's help. After a lot of back and forth, Adam discovers that Kara is working with Anton, a Russian entrepreneur working to install Kirby, who is Gratz's opposition as the Prime Minister. Adam flees in order to keep his family safe. In the meantime, Angelis teams up with Dee. Adam soon realizes that he needs to find the man who killed Kara's team to prove that he never played a part in that. In order to pull this off, he comes up with an extremely ambitious plan to find the mysterious MI6 agent's identity. 

Treason Ending Explained: Is Adam Dead?

Adam is constantly dealing with the target on him, and he must do anything and go to any lengths to protect his family. Therefore he comes up with a plan to retrieve some files that could reveal the truth about the secret agent who killed Kara's team. Before he can do that, Adam has to convince Gratz that he had no part to play in the plot to influence the Prime Minister's election results. Just as Adam and Kara try to retrieve the files, Maddy arrives on the scene. The group is immediately ambushed by the CIA special unit led by Dee. Kara soon finds a file that suggests that Adam is Dorain. However, Kara still trusts him as they were together on the night it happened. Before Kara can flee, Dee tries to interfere and interrogates Adam at gunpoint. In a full commotion, Dee shoots, and the bullet hits Adam, and he dies with his name still tainted with a bad allegation. After his death, Maddy and Kara decide to work together in order to clear Adam's name. Maddy goes to the committee meeting and confronts Angelis, and he says that Adam was a double agent. She then runs into a friend of Adam named Patrick, and based on his behavior Maddy suspects that he is Dorain. She then goes to tell Kara, who tracks down Patrick and poisons him to death.

It was his friend all along, and thanks to Maddy and Kara, Patrick was tracked down, and Adam was avenged.