Top Boy Season 2: What We Know so Far

Top Boy Season 2: What We Know so Far

DuShane returns from Jamaica to reclaim his throne as the drug kingpin of London, but Jaime has other plans. The city isn't big enough for both of them.

Netflix certainly knows how to get its British Drama on. Aside from stellar period pieces such as Peaky Blinders, the streaming giant has also put a lot of effort into capturing contemporary life. We can see their dedication in the production of the eight-episode run of Top Boy. It's been such a well-received series that the company has renewed it (at the urging of Canadian rapper Drake) for a second season. What many watchers might not know is that there was a previous run of the drama in 2011-2013 on Britain's Channel 4.
The older series, dubbed Top Boy: Summerhouse had a much shorter run of four episodes apiece. The latest season, which Netflix terms as season one, came a massive six years after the completion of the second series of four installments on British TV. Luckily, the fans of Top Boy don't need to wait so long for a fox from their favorite Hackney housing estate.

What's the Plot of Top Boy? - This Isn't Eastenders...

Top Boy

Set in the East London housing estates, the first season explores the tension that exists between those trying to live honest lives and those aiming to get ahead by any means necessary. In this series, DuShane, a 20-something-year-old drug dealer, strives to become the "Top Boy" in the area, but he's thwarted by his rival Sully. In the earlier series, Sully and DuShane eventually bury the hatchet as DuShane moves to Jamaica for greener pastures. It's here that season one starts off, with DuShane aiming to leave his London past behind and live an upstanding life. Things, as can be expected, don't go according to plan.

Back in London, Jaime, a new, youthful drug dealer, takes over DuShane's spot. When DuShane returns to London after things go sour in Jamaica, he's forced to team up with Sully to avoid being eaten alive as they seek to drag Jaime down from his throne. Amidst all of this drama, we witness a thirteen-year-old boy named Ra'Nell slowly get lured into the seedy underside of London's drug empire as his mother sinks into a mental breakdown and starts to isolate herself from him. The series is a powerful example of what happens when a country's institutions can't cope with helping its youngsters find a place in life.

Who's the Cast of Top Boy Season 2?

Top Boy Cast

The usual suspects return to reprise their roles from season 3. Micheal Ward (Jamie), Kane 'Kano' Robinson (Sully), and Ashley Walters (DuShane) are all back since the end of last season's cliffhanger focused on those three. We're not sure who else we're going to see in this new season, aside from a few teasing hints that Drake might make an appearance. Walters notes that Drake saved the whole series from cancellation after noticing it and posting about it on social media. The amount of interest it generated as well as the rapper's offer to bankroll a season of the show might be worth a walk-on cameo, if not an entire character written for him specifically.

What Can We Expect from Season 2?

Top Boy on Netflix

While the writers and directors are tight-lipped on what we can expect to see from season 2 of Top Boy, based on their initial statements, we should be in store for a lot of the same things that made season 3 memorable. One of the elements of note that they did mention was that we'd be finding out a little more about what happened with Dris. However, don't expect any clear-cut answers. The director stated that they wanted to stay true to their characters while at the same time expanding the world they live in so that watchers can appreciate the lore surrounding the story.

Is There a Trailer We can See?

No trailer is out yet. Based on the release timeline of the previous season, we should expect to see one about a month before the season goes live.

When Does it Come Out?

While there aren't any concrete timelines on release, the showrunners have consistently ensured that the fans know they won't be waiting another six years for the new season. They have said it might take some time to film the new season, however. Estimates put it as landing in mid-September 2020. Drake himself said that we should see the new season out before the end of 2020. We'll just have to wait for it.

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