'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 and 3: Everything We Know So Far

'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 and 3: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix's raunchy reality series is renewed for two more seasons!

Despite getting a bunch of eye-rolls from critics, there is no denying that 'Too Hot to Handle' is one of Netflix's most successful reality tv series.

The series premiered on Netflix on 17 April 2020 and became a guilty-pleasure of binge-watchers during the onset of the quarantine.

The series quickly shot to the number one spot in Netflix's top 10 across different countries.

Here's what the future holds for the reality show. 

'Too Hot To Handle'

Too Hot to Handle Renewed For Season 2 and 3

In January 2021, Netflix renewed 'Too Hot to Handle,' not just for one but two more seasons!

Filming for season 2 and 3 has been carried out for months now in the islands of Turks and Caicos, Variety reported.

“Now fans won’t have to wait long to see our new contestants try (and fail) to follow Lana’s strict rules with plenty of twists and surprises along the way," Brandon Riegg, Netflix’s VP of unscripted and documentary series, said.

Seasons 2 and 3 productions were covertly titled 'Parties in Paradise' throughout casting to preserve the element of surprise from the cast who didn't know what exactly they were signing up for, just like in the first season. 

Too Hot To Handle

When Will 'Too Hot to Handle' Season 2 and 3 Release? 

We already know that production is underway, but we don't have a word yet for the season 2 and 3 release dates.

We're expecting for the next season to drop this year. However, we still have to wait on Netflix's confirmation. 


What Is 'Too Hot To Handle' All About?

The first season of the raunchy dating reality series follows a group of attractive singles from around the world gathered in a luxury villa in Mexico for an absolute free-for-all vacation and a chance to win $100,000.

But here's the catch: whenever one of the contestants engages in any sexual activity, a certain amount gets deducted from the total prize money sum.

The contestants are overseen by Lana, a virtual host who tells them straight that kissing and sex of any kind is prohibited.

As the first season concluded, ten contestants split the remaining $75,000 of the prize money.

Creative director and show developer Laura Gibson is well aware of the criticisms that surround the raunchy series. However, she says there is much more to the show once you see past the sexual features.

"Of course, there's a lot of tits and arse. But we were working towards actually quite a serious and important message," Gibson told OprahMag.com.

"I speak to [the cast] quite regularly, and I'm sure they'll tell you that they have changed since this show, and they have become, they think, better people," producer Louise Peet said after the first season aired.

The experiments worked, and indeed there was a lot of emotional growth seen by the end of the first season. 

Too Hot To Handle

What Do The Previous 'Too Hot To Handle' Contestants Think About The Show? 

Most of the cast of the previous season said that participating in the series was mostly a positive experience.

"The show was more than a dating show. It was a show about self-exploration," Bryce Herschberg tells OprahMag.com. "The ultimate goal was to find yourself. When I returned to LA, I was so comfortable with myself and so happy."

David Birtwistle says, "It made me realize that I want a serious relationship with someone I am really close with." While Nicole O'Brien says, she's now after "personality" over physical appearance, saying the show is a "massive catalyst."

When Can We See 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 Trailer?

Netflix promised us that season 2 will be here soon, which means that the official trailer shall be here very soon. 

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