Tom Cruise Has A Very Unusual Clause In All Of His Movie Contracts

Tom Cruise's movie contracts include an unusual clause

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has a unique condition in all his movie deals. He's quite famous in the acting world, starring in massive hits like Top Gun and Tropic Thunder. At 61, he's a go-to actor for action films in Hollywood. It's no wonder he's among the highest-paid actors globally.

One of his recent movies, Top Gun: Maverick, made quite a splash, becoming the second-highest-grossing film of 2022, raking in a remarkable $1.4 billion in worldwide box-office sales. What's even more astonishing is that it's a sequel released 36 years after the original.

However, there's an unusual clause in Cruise's contracts, which appears to conflict with the genres he often works in. While audiences flock to the cinema for tales of adventure, discovery, and war, some fans prefer something smaller to remember their favorite movies – like action figures.

Action figures have always had a firm place on toy shelves, collector's cabinets, and store counters. Given Cruise's vast fan base, it's natural to expect that they'd want official merchandise. But it turns out, this isn't as simple as grabbing a Spider-Man or Superman figurine from the local toy store.

This difficulty arises from a specific clause in Cruise's contracts, which prevents his likeness from being used to create any merchandise. In other words, anything featuring Cruise's face, such as toys and video games, is a no-go.

In 2006, Cruise apparently refused to permit the use of his image for both the Mission: Impossible III and War of the Worlds PlayStation games. Even the 2002 Minority Report game featured a character with short blonde hair, a far cry from Cruise's distinctive shaggy brunette hairdo.

During this time, MTV reported that Cruise's agent declined to comment whenever asked about allowing his likeness in a game.

While unofficial merchandise of the A-list actor might exist, none of it has received official licensing from Cruise or the production company.

Although Cruise's clause is somewhat unusual, he's not the only actor with peculiar contract demands. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has also joined the ranks of actors with odd clauses. He required that his character in the Fast and Furious franchise never lose fights to co-stars Vin Diesel and Jason Statham in action scenes, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

It's a bit quirky, but that's how it is.