TikToker's Ingenious Plan Exposes The Name And Address Of The Person Who Stole Her Credit Card

It was a job well done!

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In 2021, the United States experienced a significant surge in credit card fraud due to the pandemic. CNET reported a staggering 69% increase in credit card fraud cases compared to the previous year, affecting a total of 13 million Americans and resulting in a financial loss of $9 billion.

In a society where online transactions have become an integral part of our daily lives, safeguarding personal information has become increasingly challenging. However, by maintaining constant vigilance and regularly monitoring our accounts, we can detect and report fraudulent activities promptly, preventing further harm.

One instance of credit card fraud caught the attention of a TikTok user named Lauren, who goes by the handle @absolutelylauren, residing in San Diego, California. Lauren received a notification about a $135 charge on her credit card from Olaplex's online store, a company specializing in products that repair severely damaged hair. Perplexed by the charge, as she hadn't made any purchase, Lauren sought clarification from her family members, suspecting a potential mistake.

Reluctant to immediately cancel her card without confirmation, Lauren shared her concerns in a video, stating, "I don't want to shut my card down if it's just my mom ordering some shampoo. Definitely not my two younger brothers; they've got good hair but they don't color it."

Instead of immediately reporting the fraudulent charge, Lauren's curiosity compelled her to unveil the identity of the person who illicitly acquired her information and made the purchase. She devised a plan to gather further details by contacting Olaplex's customer service and inquiring about the purchaser's name and address, with the intention of determining if it was a family member.

Engaging in a conversation with Tanya, a customer service representative at Olaplex, Lauren cautiously asked, "Hey, can you help me with something? If I provide you with the time, date, purchase amount, and card number, could you disclose the identity of the individual who placed the order?"

Surprisingly, Tanya was cooperative and readily provided Lauren with the requested information, despite the potential risk involved. Amazed by Tanya's honesty, Lauren shared her experience, stating, "At that moment, I willingly provided Tanya with enough information to potentially exploit my card, but she chose not to. She ended up revealing the scammer's full name and address."

@absolutelylauren olaplex customer service is top tier 😤 #creditcardscam ♬ original sound


According to Tanya, the fraudulent purchase was made by a man named Jason residing in a modest suburb of Texas. Jason had used Lauren's card to purchase a gift for his wife during the Black Friday sales, benefiting from a discount on the gift set.

Armed with this newfound information, Lauren promptly contacted her credit card company to report the fraudulent activity and provided them with the details she had obtained about the perpetrator. The credit card company is currently investigating the matter, aiming to take appropriate action.

While one commenter expressed doubt about Olaplex's disclosure of such sensitive information, suggesting it may have been against company policy, Lauren clarified her interaction, saying, "I gave them the option, but I explained that it was an unauthorized purchase. If the name didn't match anyone I knew, I would instruct them to cancel the order and issue a refund. I told the representative that this approach would likely save everyone a headache!"

It is crucial to exercise caution when attempting to track down a credit card thief. Nevertheless, Lauren's resourcefulness in identifying the individual who stole her card information and her subsequent cooperation with the authorities exemplify her commendable actions. By ensuring her personal safety and providing valuable information to the relevant parties, she has potentially helped prevent similar incidents from happening to others.