'Tiger King' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Tiger King' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Did Netflix accidentally confirm 'Tiger King' Season 2?

There have been plenty of talks and speculations about a follow-up season for 'Tiger King' Season 2.

The controversial docu-series launched at the height of the pandemic last year and became one of the most talked-about shows worldwide. The series cast has been very vocal that a new season is coming, but Netflix remained mum on its renewal status.

Now, a new development from Netflix itself seems to have confirmed the rumors.

Will the show return for another season? Here is everything we know so far.

'Tiger King'

Will There Be 'Tiger King' Season 2? 

'Tiger King' is billed as a limited series, which usually does not get a follow-up season. However, it is a different case for 'Tiger King'. According to Nielsen, the show was watched by 34.3 million people over its first ten days of release, making it one of the most successful releases of Netflix to date.

'Tiger King' cast has been very vocal that a second season is coming, although Netflix has not announced an official renewal. 

While giving a cameo shout-out, John Reinke (one of the stars of the series) said, "believe it or not, there’s another season gonna come out pretty soon so keep your eyes out for that.”

Numerous sources have also reported that 'Tiger King' has been secretly filming for season 2 since last year.

More recently, What's On Netflix saw that the giant streamer has listed 'Tiger King' season 2 as coming soon.

The notice immediately got deleted, which means that somebody might have made a mistake and let the information slip before the platform could make an official announcement.

Tiger King Listed As Coming Soon On Netflix. Screencap from Whats-On-Netflix

When Will 'Tiger King' Season 2 Release? 

As of this writing, Netflix has not announced an official renewal and a release date for 'Tiger King' season 2 yet. However, the deleted listing is an indication that Netflix will give a surprise announcement any time soon. The new season will likely arrive by late September. We will update this space once more information is available.

Joe Exotic

What Is The Plot Of 'Tiger King' Season 2? 

'Tiger King' navigates the complex relationship of big cat conservationists and collectors in America. It also features the private zoos and animal sanctuaries they founded for these exotic animals.

The series' mainly focuses on Joe Exotic, also known as Tiger King. Joe Exotic owns the G.W. Zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. The series documented his long-standing feud with Carole Baskin, CEO of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida.

The series also recorded Exotic's conviction. He will be serving a 22-year federal prison sentence after getting convicted of 17 charges of animal abuse and two counts of attempted murder for hire relating to Baskin in 2019.

A lot has happened since 'Tiger King' was released. There have been numerous impassioned campaigns for a presidential pardon. Various zoos have shut down, and most of the staff of the zoo have already moved out.

On May 14, 2021, Joe Exotic confirmed that he had been diagnosed with Prostate cancer. 

The second season will likely explore the impact of the first documentary and update us on the lives of the eccentric characters. 

'Tiger King' Carole Baskin

Who Is Cast In 'Tiger King' Season 2?

Carole Baskin has already announced that she is quitting the show. Baskin spoke to Radio Times and revealed that Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin reached out to her and her husband Howard about joining the second season.

However, Carole is still deeply hurt and claims that she felt 'misled' by Netflix.

"It was so obvious that I had been betrayed by them. Why would she ever think that I would be willing to speak to them again? And so I told her to just lose my number."

Carole added that the documentary "took so many things out of context ", and eventually put them in a bad light.

Netflix has not announced an official casting for season 2 yet, but we will keep a lookout and update this space once the subjects are confirmed.

'Tiger King' Season 2 Official Trailer: When Can We See It?

The trailer might be here a few weeks from now. We will update this space once the official trailer is available. Would you like to see 'Tiger King' season 2 again?

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