This Disney Parody Of WAP Will Ruin Your Childhood

This Disney Parody Of WAP Will Ruin Your Childhood

Somebody compiled footages of different Disney films and hilariously synched it to the lyrics of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's WAP.

Cardi B and Disney might be the last thing you'll ever think of seeing together.

The rapper's raunchy personality and Disney's supposedly innocent characters just don't match. However, somebody thought otherwise and decided to mix the two together in a video parody that will pretty much ruin your childhood forever.

The video parody compiled different clips of every Disney character and synchronized it with the lyrics of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP. It was directed by Melissa Schultz and edited by Jonathan Schultz.

The original video was reportedly released by Schizzel Productions but was taken down for copyright reasons. The video has been reuploaded to another channel.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

With over 200 M views on Youtube and counting, we're assuming we're all aware of WAP's meaning, right? Guess we don't have to dig deeper into it's lyric's explicit sexual content either.

But we can't help but agree that seeing a clip of a drenched Marie from The Aristocats while Cardi B sings “wet ass pussy” could be a little, uhm, uncomfortable?

And the YouTuber's just getting started!

You'll see Pinocchio’s nose grow as Cardi B sings “Extra large and extra hard” and the Beast devouring his food like a wild animal while they rap “Pay my tuition just to kiss me/On this wet ass pussy.”

Also, you'll never look at The Lion King's innocent grooming/licking the same way again. Plus, since when did Ariel learn how to bite her lip in such a seductive manner?

The list is endless so prepare to ruin your childhood memories with your favorite Disney film and characters. Watch the video below before it's taken down again for copyright. 


The parody has become an internet gem, and even got featured in full-length articles by news and entertainment websites!

One viewer commented:

"This is soooo wrong but so funny at the same time."

Of course, a lot of viewers can't help but notice the accurate buckets and mops in the parody too!

"The edit is hilarious 😂. Who knew there were so many buckets and mops in Disney movies," a viewer commented.

Others admired the dedication for putting up the right clips for the entire song.

One viewer said:

"As much I could care less about the song is how highly I respect the dedication of whoever put this together. You have to understand how many movies they went through to find footage. I saw Oliver and Company, The Rescuers, Fantasia, and Robin Hood in there. This is not a one day thing. This had to take almost a week and I can guarantee their eyes were burned from the sheer amount of footage they had to watch, clip, and seamlessly piece together to accomplish this. It's insane dedication. Honestly, Disney needs to hire them."

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