This 1983 Clip Of Joan Rivers Interviewing Betty White Is Making Rounds Again Leaving The Internet In Splits

This 1983 Clip Of Joan Rivers Interviewing Betty White Is Making Rounds Again Leaving The Internet In Splits

Rivers was stepping in for Johnny Carson on 'The Tonight Show' with White as a guest which resulted in this hilarious banter between the two icons.

Betty White passed away at the age of 99 on the eve of the new year. But she has had a long career, spanning nearly seven decades, that she has left behind to be cherished. With it, she has left some memorable moments for us to revisit and remember her by. After her passing, some of her iconic moments from the past are resurfacing to remind us of what a legend she was.

Among the many clips of her that are making a comeback is this particular interview she had with Joan Rivers on The Tonight Show in 1983. As expected, the two women together were a riot.


The two women's friendly banter still has the internet in splits. Rivers was stepping in for the usual host, Johnny Carson, that night. When White came on, it was a treat for everyone watching. White stepped in and immediately started to tease Rivers about her PEOPLE cover story. "Just a little jealous are you of the old cover?" Rivers asked. "You would think you were the only cover girl in town. Did you know that I'm a cover girl?" White responded. "I'm surprised, but probably yes," Rivers shot back just as White pulled out a magazine with her on the cover posing beside a dog. "And if you dare say, 'Who's that other bitch on the cover?' I will never speak to you again for as long as I live," she teased, later adding, "I am the one in the pink jacket."


The hazing back-and-forth continued. Rivers then remarked how the cover was not from a "major publication" but was nevertheless a "good start" to White's career. This was before her tenure with the Golden Girls. Before this, White was already known for her appearances on The Bold and the Beautiful and Boston Legal and was even dubbed "the first lady of game shows" owing to her appearance in several famous game shows. But by this time, Rivers had already established herself as a comedian and TV personality. Both women have been nominated for and won several prestigious awards during their careers.


Rivers had also earned a reputation as a fashion icon who later went on to host Fashion Police. She commented, "I asked you to come on tonight and look glamorous and look what you showed up in." White retorted, "I like to think understated is a lot classier than all this other stuff hanging out all over, well it's just ridiculous. The little tassels on everything. Can you get them all going in opposite directions?" They then went on to discuss dating, men, and White's love for animals, all the while continuing to laugh throughout.


The two women have also worked together when in 2000, they voiced characters Round and Spike in Dereck Joubert's Disney flick Whispers: An Elephant's Tale. In 2012, Rivers guest-starred as Elka Ostrovsky's (White) long lost twin sister Anka in two episodes of Hot in Cleveland. Rivers passed away in 2014 from brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen during a routine throat procedure at the age of 84, reported Daily Mail.




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