9 Brilliant Movies That Are Regarded As The Cornerstones Of Cinema

9 Brilliant Movies That Are Regarded As The Cornerstones Of Cinema

There are good movies and there are bad movies, and there are movies that lay the entire foundation of cinema.

In the film industry, there are good movies and there are bad movies, but there are some movies that lay the entire foundation of cinema. Because of these movies, now we know that there are various genres and these movies have helped shape the entire film industry. These are movies that every filmmaker and film student have watched at least once in their lifetime and all these people can vouch about the fact that the entire film industry cannot do without these movies. Here we have prepared a list of 9 such movies that laid the foundation of the film industry as we know it. 

1. Man with a Movie Camera 


This movie, directed by Dziga Vertov is the widest seen avant-garde film and this movie is regarded as one of the most revolutionary pieces of filmmaking of all time. The director used a number of effects to make an expressionistic comment on reality and the movie was made documentary-style. In this movie, Vertov used the split screen, the Dutch angle, multi-exposure, slow motion, fast motion and we still use all these techniques even now to an extent. 

2. Breathless


This one french wave movie by Jean Luc Goddard is a movie that changed everything. The movie is introduced with a jump cut and this is what made the world take notice of it. Regarded as an offspring of the French New Wave, Jean-Luc Godard’s romantic masterpiece has enamored audiences for generations and has also been imbibed in the minds of cinephiles, especially for the fantastic performances and roam-free cinematography. Goddard created his own language with this movie.  

3. It Happened One Night


Directed by Frank Capra, this movie received more or less a moderate response and at one point, the director himself said that at one point that it is the worst movie of all time. But, history says a different story about the movie and now 'It Happened One Night' is regarded as the golden standard of the romantic drama of all time. The movie won all the major five academy awards and a bare-chested Clarke Gable increased the sale of the movie and undershirts by a huge magnitude. This movie is a must-watch for all the lovers of romantic comedies and also if you wish to write one yourself.  

4. The Song of Ceylon


Directed by Basil Wright, this movie marked the arrival of an artist even where there were a number of implied restrictions. The sound used in the movie was not in sync with the record and sometimes contrapuntal sound has been used in order to declare the message that is intended. This kind of similar style was what Eisenstein wanted to incorporate in his uncompleted documentary and it is a very rare achievement to make such a daring documentary with experimental effects without thinking about how the audience is going to receive it. 

5. Triumph of the Will


This movie, directed by Leni Riefenstahl is one such piece of art that shines above everything. This movie shows the technical and artistic mastery at its finest and this is a movie to be preserved for future generations in order to warn them about the psychological manipulation. Riefenstahl is a gifted director who filmed the Nazi Congress meeting and particularly Adolf Hitler in such a larger-than-life manner that showed how he psychologically manipulated the masses. The framing choices by the director are brilliant and carefully examined and Hitler is framed in a position of power who is seen as a deity and worshipped by the masses. 

6. The Rules of the Game


Directed by Jean Renoir, this movie is also Andre Bazin’s favorite film. 'The Rules of the Game' is a film that is regarded as a huge achievement in formalism and naturalism at the same time. Regarded as a satire of the French elite class before World War II started, this film is full of leftist sentiment and shows how necessary it was to show because of the dangerous path taken by the citizens. One of the most fantastic scenes of the movie is the rabbit running sequence which draws parallels to the casualties of the war in the form of a satire and this movie is also known as the first on-screen movie that used deep focus and long shots, which was then considered as an achievement in cinematography.


7. Citizen Kane


Directed by none other than Orson Welles, this is one such movie that everyone knows about. It is a masterpiece in terms of directing, editing, cinematography, basically in all departments of filmmaking. Citizen Kane is also known as the best film of all time according to Sight & Sound, later on, dethroned by Alfred Hitchcock's 'Vertigo'. 

8. Bicycle Thieves


This cinematic brilliance by Vittorio De Sica more than anything teaches the audience how to be brave. This movie is made up entirely of non-professional actors and uses real-life locations. This Italian neo-realism movie by De Sica will definitely manage to tug your heartstrings and the influence of this movie is still spread all over the world. This movie gives a very subtle hint at the hypocrisy of modern society and it will manage to bring tears in the eyes of the most stone-hearted man.  

9. Rashomon


Directed by the visionary director Akira Kurosawa, he plays with perspective and shows the audience that there is no origin of evil. The narrative structure of the film and the manipulation of natural sunlight still manages to put a spell on the audience even after five decades. 

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