Here's A List Of 21 Of The Worst Movies Of All Time

Here's A List Of 21 Of The Worst Movies Of All Time

With so many movies coming out every year, there is bound to be some movies that are not good. And then there are some that are downright terrible.

Entertainment, like any other art form, is a subjective medium. That means there are going to be good movies and there are going to be bad movies. And then there are movies that are just downright terrible. From time to time, Hollywood makes a movie that is so bad that everyone unequivocally agrees that it is so bad that it's hard to ignore. Some of these movies go on to become, unintentionally, so-bad-they're good, where others remain downright unwatchable. We have prepared a list of 21 such movies. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the list. 

1. Ballistic: Ecks vs Serves


Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer has given the movie a zero percent rating, this is one of the few movies to maintain a nothing score after more than 115 critical reviews. 

2. Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2


The first movie was barely a box office success, and that is why when the second movie came out, everyone thought unanimously, 'WHY GOD WHY?' The sequel witnessed a gaggle of babies banding together to rid the world of an evildoer who intends to control the minds of the entire human population. This description is enough I think to indicate how bad this movie is. 

3. United Passions


The critics described the movie to be so ghastly that the audience themselves would be able to write a better one while sitting through the godawful movie. 

4. Jaws: The Revenge


Jaws 2 was released three years after Steven Spielberg’s groundbreaking summer blockbuster and most of the audience avoided the theater thinking it would never be able to come close to the original.  By the time the fourth film, 'Jaws: The Revenge' came out, the audience was least bothered by the fake looking sharks on the screen. There is a shark in the movie that has a taste for the Brody family. 

5. Bucky Larson: Born to be a star


This extremely misguided comedy that is co-written and produced by Adam Sandler is so bad. The movie is full of tedious sex jokes and humorless physical gags which are very much capable of making the audience run out of the theater running. 

6. Mac and me


After the huge success of 'E.T', every studio production house in Hollywood wanted to make something about aliens. 'Mac and Me' is remembered but not fondly and for all the wrong reasons. It follows the story of a family of aliens who are kidnapped from their home planet and brought back to Earth to be studied. It is a shameless rip-off of the Spielberg movie but has none of the sincerity for it.

7. Alone in the dark


Before Christian Slater won a Golden Globe for his role in Mr. Robot, he starred in what might have been the very worst film of 2005. This movie is a loose adaptation of a video game that follows the story of a detective with a heightened sixth sense that allows him to observe the paranormal. Critics have called the movie utterly gibberish and so amateur that it is truly a mystery of the cosmos. 

8. Disaster movie


Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have made a career out of making fun of popular movies for more than 20 years. It is really ironic that when they made this movie, it actually turned out to be a disaster. It seems too far-fetched to think that these guys are actually behind movies such as the Scary Movie franchise. 

9. Simon Sez


When critics watched this movie, most of them advised watching it in a light mood, probably under the influence of something. Imagine a movie being THAT bad. 

10. ED


Matt LeBlanc played one of the most beloved characters in the uber famous sitcom 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' and maybe that's why he thought starring in a family movie would be a smart career move just a couple seasons into Friends' run. This movie had a dude in a chimp suit and production people didn't even bother making him look realistic. One critic from The New York Times said, "Mr. LeBlanc ... is so blank that the only impression he makes is of having teeth that are very large and unnaturally white.”

11. A Thousand Words


Even though Eddie Murphy is one of the best comedians out there, he has also starred in some really really bad movies. This movie sees Murphy playing a fast-talking literary agent who, after lying to a spiritual guru, becomes cursed and can only speak as many words as there are leaves left on a Bodhi tree on his property.

12. Surfer, Dude


Surprisingly, this movie stars Matthew McConaughey and even though it was meant to be a stoner comedy, it failed miserably on that premise. Additionally, it feels 25-30 years behind and seems to be meant to be watched on VHS, oops, make that DVD, while stoned.

13. It's Pat: The Movie


This movie is so bad that you will find it hard to survive through its 77-minute run. Filled with sketchy comedy and bad acting, this movie is so bad that the critics said that it was too bad to be released. 

14. Stolen


It is a less than enthralling murder mystery that tells the story of a detective searching for his missing son and ends up stumbling upon a 50-year-old murder of yet another young boy, which he desperately tries to solve as a way to help find closure in his own loss. This movie takes place in two different time periods and both are riddled with cliches in both the decades. The film did not have an impressive cast, but it had familiar faces. And a bad movie filled with familiar faces is always going to be judged more harshly.

15. Kirk Cameron Saving Christmas


Regarded as one of the least artful holiday films ever made, critics even pointed out that devout Christians might find it hard to digest the movie. Within a month of its release, the movie became one of the lowest rated films on IMDb. 

16. Plan 9 For Outer Space


This movie was originally titled as 'Grave Robbers from the Outer Space' is directed by Ed Wood who is a cult horror movie director. It was an ambitious project that failed terribly. This movie is so strange and bizarre that it inspired Tim Burton's 1994 film, Ed Wood, starring Johnny Depp.

17. Manos: The Hand of Fate


This movie is written, produced, directed by, and starred, fertilizer salesman Harold P. Warren. This particular movie is full of continuity errors, disconnected tangents, amateur acting, and cringe-inducing voice-over. The only good part? Warren had a good sense of humor about the movie and said it is one of the worst movies ever made. 

18. Howard the Duck


This movie takes inspiration from the Marvel comic of the same name, but it bears little to no similarity from the source material. This movie is full of terrible special effects, uninspired performances and an uneven tone that is full of bad humor that is accompanied by downright crass, violent, and unfunny scenes. 

19. Troll 2


This movie is a direct sequel to John Carl Buechler's 1986 fantasy film Troll. In this movie, there were no trolls and there was no connection to the first movie. Additionally, the movie was full of overtly exaggerated action, homophobic jokes, a convoluted story, horrendous special effects and makeup that makes the movie one of the worst of all times. 

20. Highlander 2: The Quickening


The original Highlander movie is a fun tale about ancient mysticism meeting modern society where they highlighted the importance of life and death. The follow-up movie was the exact opposite of the original one with a weak plot and even worse acting. The sequel also suffered from a demotivated central cast and memorable on-set injuries, where Michael Ironside's tooth chipped. Definitely not recommended. 

21. Showgirls


This movie tells the story of Nomi Malone who leaves behind her traumatic past and hitchhikes to Las Vegas in search of fame and fortune as a showgirl. Sadly enough, she takes up a job as a stripper in a shady nightclub where her talents as a trained dancer are unappreciated. This movie is a strange concoction of the director's penchant for subversive social criticism and an otherwise bland tale of girl-power drama.

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