Here Is A List Of The 10 Best Jump Scares In Movies Of All Time

Here Is A List Of The 10 Best Jump Scares In Movies Of All Time

Everyone loves jump scares in horror movies, but some scenes are so powerful that you will always remember.

When it comes to the lover of the horror genre, the audience is generally divided primarily into two parts- the lovers of gore and the lovers of the jump scares. Even though both these things can co-exist, there are some horror movies that are designed in a way that will make viewers jump off from their seats and more often than not, they don't show the viewers what they are afraid of. The main formula good jump scare is to time it perfectly while building the tension, setting the mood. When everything has calmed down and you are just about to move from the edge of your seat, and then BAM! You get so scared that you feel rattled and a little bit of pee might also come out. If you are one of the horror movie aficionados, then this list is for you. 

1. Friday the 13th


One of the best movies of the slasher genre, camp crystal lake is reopened after a very long time after the entire area was cursed by terrible events. The scene we are talking about is when we see Alice heading towards safety, at least what it seems to be, Jason appears all of a sudden from the deep depths of crystal lake and drags her inside. 

2. Paranormal Activity


When it comes to dealing with jump scares, nothing can really beat the original 'Paranormal Activity' movie. The original movie released in 2007 tells the story of a young couple who are haunted by a supernatural entity in their house. In order to capture the hauntings in their house, they set up surveillance cameras all over the house. If you thought that the grainy footage will somehow amp down the scare factor, it is actually the opposite. In fact, this movie proves that you don't always have to see something to be afraid of it. 

3. The Conjuring


One of the most widely known horror movies of all time, this movie has a number of jump scare and is also regarded to be one of the scariest horror movies all the time. In my opinion, the scariest scene in this movie is the hide and clap scene where Carolyn hears unexplained noises and wonders through the darkened house. Eventually, the noise leads her to the basement where she turns on the one dim lightbulb and calls out to whoever there is in her house and she is going to lock them. She ends up falling down violently down the stairs and the bulb fuses out. She hears a child giggling right in front of her ears and a childish voice says “Wanna play hide and clap” and then suddenly two hands appear and clap.

4. Creep


It is a 2014 found-footage movie that was previously released as a video on demand before the movie made its way to Netflix in 2015. The story of the movie follows a videographer who works for Josef. Josef is a terminally-ill and an extremely creepy man who wants to make a series of videos for his unborn son. For people who haven't seen the movie, the trailer in itself is enough to give you goosebumps on your skin. This movie is proof that sometimes things don't need to be supernatural to creep and scare you. 

5. Hush


Jump scares with total silence amps up the scary factor by multiple notches and this movie is one such. The 2016 slasher movie centers around a writer named Maddie who is a deaf and mute woman who finds herself being hunted like prey in the middle of nowhere by a masked killer. There are multiple moments where Maddie, due to the loss of her hearing is completely unaware of what is happening around her. There is a scene where the killer is standing right behind her and she has absolutely no clue. The suspense in the movie is magnificent and the movie will have you jumping out of your seat more times than you can count.

6. The Babadook


The 2014 psychological horror movie is a complete suspense-fueled nightmare that will make you second guess every book you read to your child after you have watched it. Even though it is a simple movie, the jump scares, the tension built-up, and the overall creepiness makes it a definite watch.  

7. Insidious


Another horror gem by the Blumhouse Studio, this movie deals with the story of a family whose son's spirit has left his body and entered the astral plane. The astral plane is full of otherworldly entities and if the child's soul stays for too long, it might not ever be able to return to its original body. Even though this movie did not have too many jumps scares, one scene where Lorraine is sitting at the dining room table explaining to Josh and Renai about the dream she had the previous night. The dream scene is re-enacted and the audience gets to see a figure in a dark room that points to the sleeping child and as Lorraine keeps talking, the audience is jolted in fear when a demon appears behind Josh but he is completely oblivious to it.

8. It Follows


The particularly scary scene in this movie is when Jay starts running through the house and climbing up the stairs, she goes inside the room and locks herself inside. After a while, she hears the voice of her friend asking her to open the door and reassuring her that she is safe. She approaches the door with caution and as she continues to hear the reassuring the voice of her friend, the door suddenly opens and a tall man appears towards the doorframe and comes towards them. 

9. The Orphanage


One of the most intelligently made horror movies of recent times, it is always a brilliant watch. The jump scare scene, in particular, happens when Laura is seen limping towards a woman who has just been run over by a bus. In the scene of the accident, a crowd has gathered and a man attempts to resuscitate her. Laura continues to watch in horror as the man wipes the blood from his mouth and shakes his head sadly at Laura. Seeing this, Laura moves through the crowd and kneels down beside the woman. As she touches the necklace the supposedly deceased woman is wearing, the woman suddenly sits up and grabs Laura's hand. 

10. Candyman


Candyman is a movie that deals with the research of urban folklore and superstitions in Cabrini Green, where a student named Helen investigates the legend of the Candyman who is said to appear when someone looks in the mirror and repeats his name five times. The hair rising scene that will make you jump off of the seat is when Helen is approaching the bathroom mirror and she is seen staring at her own reflection. After that, she opens her medicine cabinet and suddenly Candyman’s hook crashes through the cabinet. The tension is built in such a way that it points to the fact that something might happen, but since they have diverted the attention of the audience to the mirror, it is expected that something will appear in the mirror.

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