These Are Some Of The Best Friendships In 'Stranger Things'

Monster hunting and saving the world is something that can lead to an unlikely grouping of people.

Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things has been a hit for several reasons. The young cast based in the '80s has a very nostalgic vibe, reminding everyone of their own childhood, along with a fantastical sci-fi setting that made it all the more intriguing. There are also the friendships and the puppy love that come with growing up, making the usually gory show heartwarming to watch. 

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Monster hunting and saving the world is something that can lead to an unlikely grouping of people and helps improve the bond they share. Throughout the four seasons of Stranger Things, there have been some memorable teaming up among the characters in their battle with the Upside Down. Here are some of the best gangs that have formed over the years:

1. The original gang

Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. The OG friend group with whom the whole story started. They may be a group of (adorable) nerds but they always have each other's back and that's what counts.

2. Steve and Dustin

This duo has the best chemistry on screen and there is never a dull moment when they are on. 

3. Robin and Steve

The Scoops Ahoy duo gave us friendship goals with the Lesbian & Himbo dynamic that is so endearing to watch.

Steve and Robin

4. Hopper and Joyce

When the going gets tough, Joyce and Hopper team up and always find a way out of the pickle.

5. Robin and Nancy

They did not get off on the right foot but quickly learned that they make a great team. 

6. Steve and his kids

He is always the babysitter.

7. Max and El

The best girl friends who will pick each other up when nothing seems to be going right.

8. Joyce and Murray

A very unlikely duo who manage to put aside their differences to save their friend trapped in a highly impenetrable Russian prison.

9. Nancy and Jonathan

First, they were partners in tackling the monster, then became a couple onscreen and eventually started dating in real life as well.

10. The Hellfire Club

The Dungeons and Dragons group who takes their monster-slaying very seriously.

11. Jonathan and Argyle

The newest friendship that has allowed Jonathan to explore his mind through new stimulants. Argyle is also great at coming to his bestie's rescue.

Jonathan and Argyle

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