13 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch At Least Once in Their Lifetime

13 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch At Least Once in Their Lifetime

Some movies come with life-changing messages. This list contains such gems. So, sit back and stream away!

Irrefutably, movies can evoke a plethora of emotions. Some really strong, while some may be fleeting.  But, lets just clear this out first that if any movie is made only with its male or female audience in mind, then it is probably got it wrong. They should let the audience decide. But, having said that, there are certain movies that resonate with either of the genders. But, this list is not centered around it. In fact, it is a list of movies that everyone must watch so as to take away something and it will also help make little girls aspire to be strong women. 

1. Million Dollar Baby


This movie beautifully throws every stereotype about a girl out of the window and it rightfully points out that our age might slow us down, but it cannot slow down our spirits. Especially because Maggie Fitzgerald tells us that dreams are not bound by limits. 

2. The Devil Wears Prada


An iconic movie by Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, this movie shows that Miranda Priestly is a woman and she can run the world. And along with her, Andrea Sachs is absolutely perfect in her own way. You can choose either of these two characters and not regret a bit because they both hold their own. Also, this movie is very funny and their fashion game is absolutely on point. 

3. An Education


This brilliant movie shows Jenny Mellor as a teenager, but, not too long into the movie, you can figure out that she is quite lost. On top of this, she is being charmed by a man who is twice her age. This sheds light into a scenario that any of us can be in. What is amazing about her character is that she shows it is okay to be wrong and to be lost, but we always find our way back. 

4. Queen


This amazing Bollywood movie shows how badass a woman can be, even if she is a jilted bride. Rani taught us that it is great to love your family and friends, but when it is needed, you need to put your foot down and stand up for yourself. 

5. Little Miss Sunshine


Olive is a girl who basically gives everyone confidence goals. She is a chubby, bespectacled girl and she is absolutely fabulous on her own. She might doubt herself at some point, but she also knows that there is none quite like her.  

6. Gone With The Wind


This classic movie revolves around the story of the will to survive and prosper, and since then any movie has barely done more justice than Gone With The Wind. Scarlett O'Hara is a woman who is out to change the world and she does it and she completely owns it. 

7. Thelma and Louise


This movie shows the power of female friendship so beautifully and no movie has even come close since then. The movie tells the story of two women who take a break from their usual lives and go on a road trip. But, things quickly get out of hand and they are pitted against the entire world in order to survive and they only have each other. 

8. Easy A


This movie gives it in the face of school bullies as Olive is seen to embrace her new reputation as a "dirty skank". This movie sends a message to young women to not let other's perspective change or affect one's true self and it also teaches how to show the middle finger to people who talk behind your back. 

9. Gravity


Not only is this movie a brilliant form of cinema, but it also shows what happens when you pit two forces to reckon with against each other. Not only is this one of the most uplifting and inspiring stories about an individual, but it also flawlessly portrays the indomitable spirit of women and how they can beat any hindrance. 

10. The Blind Side


This movie tells the story of behind the making of NFL player, Michael Oher, who has gone to play for the Baltimore Raven and the Tennessee Titans and is currently playing for the Carolina Panthers. His journey and transformation from a traumatized child to a prized player is a beautiful journey and it shows how kindness and the love of a woman can change a man who is in his absolute worst. 

11. Coco Before Chanel


This movie tells the story of a singer at a provincial bar who went on to become the empress of a business empire. The journey of Coco Chanel is inspiring and this movie shows what Coco Chanel would do herself, which is not to over-sentimentalize her struggling years. 

12. Mulan


Mulan is a movie that goes to prove that Disney princesses are frail and delicate have never seen Mulan. In this movie, Disney attempts to break its own stereotype and they do it beautifully. The movie is fierce with a successful end with the protagonist who fought along with the men to save the kingdom from the Huns.  

13. Blue Is The Warmest Color


This heartwrenching love story of two women shows the rosy tints of first love, which is then followed by the turbulence that is created by the struggles and then the ultimate demise of the love that we saw blossoming right in front of our eyes. The movie tells the story in a very fluid manner and makes no deal out of the fact that it is about two women and that, according to us, is plain beautiful.

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