There's An Alternate Ending To 'Titanic' And Everyone Hates It

There's An Alternate Ending To 'Titanic' And Everyone Hates It

James Cameron’s 1997 Oscar winning film would not have been the same with this finale.

There's apparently an alternative ending to James Cameron’s 1997 Oscar winner, Titanic. And everyone absolutely hates it. The scene is being shared by user Pat Brennan on Twitter. The deleted scene is an extra feature on a DVD version of the film first released in 2005, according to the Independent. A quick refresher: the original movie follows Kate Winslet’s character Rose (Gloria Stuart) on a boat with a crew of people searching for a necklace with a rare diamond. By the end, to everybody's frustration, it appears she had the jewel the entire time and came aboard the treasure hunting ship just so that she can throw it off the bow and lay it to rest down with her lover, Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio).


In the deleted ending, the old lady can be seen revealing she has the necklace to everyone on board. She even cheekily places it in the hands of Bill Paxton’s treasure hunter, Brock Lovett, who has been searching for it for so long and is finally happy to have located it. Our dear old Rose then takes it away slowly and throws it into the ocean. Lovett doesn't seem frustrated but understands Rose's so-called expression of love. Absurdly, he no longer sees the value of this precious jewel he’s gone out of his way to look for. Thankfully one of the members says what we're all thinking as he runs over to the side of the ship, and shouts, “That really sucks, lady!” Mother Jones also quite rightly points out: Rose sacrifices her granddaughter’s future bliss for some stupid romantic nonsense. Rose is a monster. The aerial pan-away shot of Lovett goofily laughing into the air is also quite painful to watch. Love is greater than a priceless necklace that he's been searching for, forever? SURE.


The cheesy alternate ending has made fans glad that it never made it on screen. adi1486 tweeted: So do you think with that ending it still would've won best picture and 11 Oscars? something_void joked: Live, laugh, lob it off the ship. AlanIguess suggested another alternate ending, writing: Damn I was really hoping he was gonna grab the necklace and shove her off. I don’t even remember what the real ending was.


Apparently, even Paxton himself wasn't fond of the alternate ending! Paxton wistfully remembered the scene in an interview with Yahoo News published just days after his death in February 2017, reports AV Club. “She turns and she’s holding the diamond, and my character’s been all about finding this diamond because he’s a mercenary treasure hunter,” Paxton continued. “And she says something to me about ‘You don’t know what to really value in life’ and throws the diamond in. I just have an epiphany where I look up and I have this crazy laugh. I mean, I would have shot heroin to make the scene work better.”

From being a drama this ending would have turned the film into comedy gold. Who else is curious to track down all other alternate endings to their favorite films?


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