Therapist Explains That Amber Heard Has Been Lying Her Whole Lifes

Therapist Explains That Amber Heard Has Been Lying Her Whole Life

A therapist comes out and explains that lying may be second nature to Amber Heard and she may not even know she's doing it.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard still isn't backing down from her abuse claims against Johnny Depp!

The verdict has been met and she now has to pay Depp $8 million for defaming him in an op-ed piece. So, what does Heard decide to do? Keep defaming Johnny Depp! It seems like the Aquaman actress hasn't learned her lesson.

A therapist recently came out and explained that lying may just be a part of Heard's life. She has been accused of being a narcissist who uses lying as a defense mechanism.

Amber Heard

The therapist, who owns the YouTube Channel 'Rise Beyond Abuse' goes by the name of Angelica. She shared some of her thoughts as a professional psychotherapist with her online community. She said:

What I have seen throughout this trial are the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder. I agree with the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.
Right here, she says she will stand by her testimony until she dies. Of course, the thing with the narcissist is that they lie. What is the motto of the narcissist? Lie till you die.
It has been her way of life since a very early age. One of her defence mechanisms is to lie. She became what she has become because of emotional and physical abuse.

Angelica says that for Heard, lying comes so naturally that she may not even notice that she's doing it.

Lying is second nature for her, it is a way of life. This whole trial has been one big lie on her part. Many of us, real survivors of domestic violence agree to that.

You can check out Angelica's video below.