'The Woman in the House': Everything We Know So Far

'The Woman in the House': Everything We Know So Far

Kristen Bell and Tom Riley team up in upcoming Netflix dark comedy series.

From the producers of 'Dead to Me', comes this thrilling dark comedy series starring Kristen Bell.

'The Woman in the House' is an upcoming Netflix original, limited series created by Rachel Ramras, Hugh Davidson, and Larry Dorf. The show is produced by Gloria Sanchez Productions, with Will Ferrel as executive producer. 

'The Woman in the House' features a hilarious take on a lonely woman's life after she seemingly witnesses a murder incident. 

Here is everything you need to know about 'The Woman in the House', including release date, plot, cast, trailer, and more.

When Will ' The Woman in the House' Release? 

There is still no release date yet, but it's possible that 'The Woman in the House' will arrive on Netflix by the end of 2021, or early 2022. Filming for 'The Woman in the House' began on March 2021 and wrapped in mid-July in Los Angeles, California.

Netflix will likely announce a release date in the upcoming months. We will update this space once we get more information.

What Is The Plot Of 'The Woman in the House'?

The story centers around Anna (Kristen Bell), a heartbroken woman who almost lost interest in life. Every day, she sits with her wind and stares out in the window, watching life go without her. Everything changed when a handsome neighbor moves across the street. For the first time, Anna sees hope and gets excited about life again, until she saw a gruesome murder... or did she? 

How Many Episodes Are There In 'The Woman in the House'?

The series will have eight episodes. The exact run time is still unknown, but it will likely be around 40-60 minutes each. 

'The Woman In The House' official cast list. C/o Deadline

Who Is Cast In 'The Woman in the House'? 

Kristen Bell leads the cast list as Anna, the lonely girl whose life will change after a handsome guy moves across the street.

Tom Riley plays Neil, a widower who moves across the street from Anna's. Tom says that his arrival will throw a "big fat bomb into her world."

Mary Holland plays Sloane, a local art gallery owner and Anna’s loyal best friend, who encourages her to put her life back together.
Shelley Hennig stars as Lisa, the sweet and sexy girl who seems to hide something more beneath her shallow surface.

Christina Anthony plays Detective Lane, the smart and no-nonsense investigator who eventually gets determined to solve the mystery.

Samsara Leela Yett stars as Emma, Neil’s (Riley) adorable 9-year-old daughter, who reminds Anna of her daughter.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar plays Rex, the not-so-bright but extremely hot guy that women find hard to resist. 

The rest of the cast list include: 

Samsara Yett as Emma
Cameron Britton plays Buell, Anna’s sweet, and reliable handyman. 
Rachel Ramras as Eileen
Christopher Chen as Michael
Brenda Koo as Carol
Nicole Pulliam as Claire 
Karen Y. McClain as Margaret

Is There An Official Trailer For 'The Woman in the House'?

We are still waiting for Netflix to drop the official trailer for 'The Woman in the House.' The trailer will likely be available in the upcoming months. Do not worry! We will make sure to share the trailer with you once it's available.

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