'The Way of the Househusband' Part 2: Everything We Know So Far

'The Way of the Househusband' Part 2: Everything We Know So Far

'The Way of the Househusband' Part 2 is officially happening!

There's a new hit anime series on Netflix that is trending both for good and bad reasons.

'The Way of the Househusband' premiered on Netflix a few days ago and it's already attracted global attention. 

The show has been criticized for the lack of animation, but fans don't seem to mind. They fell in love with the characters and the storyline and have been eagerly anticipating more.

'The Way of the Househusband' is based on the popular Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kousuke Oono.

It follows Tatsu, an ex-yakuza boss who retires from crime to become a dedicated househusband to his wife, Miku.

The first part only released 5 episodes. So can we expect to see more from 'The Way of the Househusband'? Here's everything we know. 

The Way of the Househusband

Will There Be 'The Way of the Househusband' Part 2? 

The hit Netflix anime series is officially coming back for more!

Netflix Japan's official Twitter account has confirmed that Part 2 will be released sometime in the future.


J.C. Staff, the same producer behind the anime series, will continue to work on part 2. 

The anime series premiered on the streaming platform on April 8, 2021.

The Way of the Househusband

When Will 'The Way of the Househusband' Part 2 Release? 

There is no specific release date yet as of the moment, and it's a bit complicated to guess when exactly part 2 will come out. Anime shows on Netflix have unpredictable release schedules.

Other anime series can release new seasons or part with just a few months gap, while others can take more than a year before getting a new season.

We will continue to look out for the latest news and update this article. Hence, feel free to get back to this link from time to time. 

The Way of the Househusband

What Is The Plot Of 'The Way of the Househusband' Part 2?

The first part ended with Tatsu finding a part-time job at the cafe. He bumps into the wife of a deceased yakuza boss. The wife now works in the supermarket to look after the needs of the remaining mafia members.

The general plot of the series revolves around this premise: Tatsu focuses his energy on becoming a good househusband, while occasionally running in with different mafia groups.

We are expecting to see Tatsu in a similar adventure in part 2. 

What Viewers Think Of 'The Way of the Househusband'?

The source material is incredible and is well-received by manga readers worldwide. However, the anime adaptation was quickly criticized for its mediocre animation. Some fans say it looks like a PowerPoint presentation.


However, there are fans who still loved the show regardless of the criticisms. 


Other fans even said that the "PowerPoint" animation style actually works better for the series. 


Is There An Official Trailer For 'The Way of the Househusband' Part 2?

There is no official trailer for part 2 yet, so we'll just have to extend our patience. At least, we can rest assured knowing that part 2 is already underway.

For now, we will leave you with the season 1 trailer. 



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