'The Walking Dead' Season 11 Episode 5: Ending Explained

'The Walking Dead' Season 11 Episode 5: Ending Explained

Survivors of the zombie apocalypse continue to find aid as the situation in Alexandria grows more and more desperate.

Alexandria's community felt unsafe after a collapsed wall led to a walker outbreak. The walls need reconstruction, but they lack the tools and supplies. Because of this, Carol, Jerry, Lydia, and Aaron, were sent to the remains of the Hilltop territory to search for supplies and found a deranged discovery.

While the squad is away, Rick's daughter, Judith (Cailey Fleming), struggles to grow up in a generation of unimaginable deprivation and loss. Rosita (Christian Serratos) gave the young girl some valuable advice. 

Meanwhile, Eugene and his Alexandrian team get confronted with a problem while they are in the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth helped the Alexandrians and let them into their place, a seeming paradise amid the undead apocalypse. 

The Alexandrians are amazed at the resources in the Commonwealth. The utopian society has electricity. Even their ice creams trucks are fully loaded. However, as Eugene starts to find a way to send help back to Alexandria, he realizes that the Commonwealth's resources come at a price.

Here's what happened in The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 5. 

'The Walking Dead' Season 11

Shocking Discovery At The Hilltop

Carol, Jerry, Lydia, and Aaron arrived at Hilltop only to witness a formidable scene. The remnants of the Whisperer War still existed, and the place still looked the same. Even the zombified residents who died in battle are still there.

The group carried on with their task. They did not let the gruesome atmosphere interfere with their business, and they began to search for supplies. Unexpectedly, they saw a strange-walking group of walkers at the end of the colony.

The squad investigated and found out that a whisperer was among the walkers. They unmasked the whisperer, and Aaron violently questioned him.

The whisperer was clearly not a threat to anyone. He was terrified after getting unmasked. However, Aaron's paranoia is understandable. 

Aaron still has not moved on from the horrifying events of the Whisperer war. With everything that has happened, he is now desperate to create a safer and stable community for his daughter. A single whisperer might not pose a lot of threat, but the thought that there might be more of them just increases Aaron's paranoia. 

Aaron has been concerned about Alexandria's walls for the entire season. He made the wall his top priority, while Maggie (Lauren Cohan) spent a lot of time looking for supplies and Carol keeping the horses in shape.

'The Walking Dead' Season 11

Eugene And The Crew Arrives At The Commonwealth

Pamela Milton and her late husband set up the Commonwealth shortly after the zombie outbreak. The place is a safe haven amidst a world ravaged by the undead. 

The Commonwealth continues to expand and now has an entire community with bakeries and other businesses. Its government is fully functional, with police and a legal system. It is as if the apocalypse never happened there. 

Eugene, Princess, and Ezekiel were assigned jobs and housing after entering the place. However, they are not there for permanent residency but to send help to Alexandria. Sadly, it won't be so easy to get a chance to talk with an authority to ask for help. 

The trio finds a way to sneak into the radio systems with the help of Stephanie. They tried to contact home, but it was not exactly legal. The three eventually got caught and will be brought before a judge.

If found guilty, they will be thrown out in a zone far beyond. Luckily, Lance Hornsby, the Commonwealth's director of operations arrives.

He seems like he is willing to help, but Stephanie tells them that they will have to pay for their sins one way or another.

'The Walking Dead' Season 11

Yumiko Reunites With Tomi At The Commonwealth

Meanwhile, Yumiko finds her brother, Tomi, who has now lived as a baker in the Commonwealth. 

Tomi was a surgeon before entering the Commonwealth, but it seems that he has traded his profession for much slower-paced life. 

We found out that Tomi has made it to the Commonwealth since the outbreak started. While Yumiko lived her life constantly fighting for her life, Tomi gets to enjoy peace and prosperity within the safety of the Commonwealth. 

"I almost forget what's going on outside these walls," Tomi says. Will he be willing to help his sister get an aide for Alexandria? 

'The Walking Dead' Season 11

Judith Receives Enlightenment From Rosita

Judith is a role model for the Alexandrian youth. She teaches them how to slaughter a walker, proving that she is mature for her age. 

However, Things have been difficult for Judith, as kids mocked her about her stepmom, Michonne (Danai Gurira), who seemingly abandoned her.

Judith gets emotional after discovering that Carl's (Chandler Riggs) wooden boards with handprints of their family got broken. She presumes that the older kids who bullied her broke it. Luckily, her friends helped her fix the board.

Rosita saw Judith crying outside with her broken boards. Rosita approached the young girl. Judith told Rosita that she's afraid that she might forget about her family now that her only physical remembrance of them got destroyed.

Fortunately, Rosita knows how to calm her and told her how her mom died when she gave birth to Judith. She also calmed her by saying that sadness does not come easy. However, she also should not worry about her family's memory because their impact on her life is too powerful to disappear. 

"Pieces of wood are nice," Rosita says. "But you don't need that to remember how much they loved you."

'The Walking Dead' Season 11

How Many Whisperers Are Left?

After unmasking the lone whisperer, Aaron and his crew discovered the whisperer's friends hiding in a cellar. Aaron's mind is still full of rage about the attacks of Alexandria, he decides he has to find out exactly how many of the whisperers are loose. Even if that means resulting in violence.

The whisperer begged for mercy after Aaron tied him and threatened him with an impaled walker. He told Aaron that there are no whisperers left. When Aaron does not heed his cries and whimper, the whisperer tells Aaron, "Alpha was right about you people. You pretend you're better than the dead. But dead is honest."

The whisperer's words sent Aaron into a rage. He lets the walker bite the whisperer and tells him that he will only save him by cutting his hand if he tells the truth.

Carol finally intervenes. She knows that Aaron has crossed the line and his emotions are taking over him. She knows it too well because she has been in Aaron's place at some point. She got blinded by vengeance and anger once, and now she has been haunted by her actions. She warned Aaron not to commit the same mistake.

Finally, the whisperer told him something valuable. He said that Connie survived the cave collapse. The last time the whisperer saw her was in the woods nearby. So, perhaps, we'll find out what she's been up to in the next episode.

'The Walking Dead' Season 11

Maggie and Negan's Mission to Meridian

In the middle of the events, Maggie and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tried to combine efforts to complete their errand to defeat the Reapers and take back Meridian. Negan convinced Maggie that it would not work, but Maggie still tried to complete the task.

Negan is not a big fan of Maggie's plans since they left Alexandria and faced intimidating hurdles. Maggie shuts him down, and the more obstacles they confront together, the less Negan wants to shut up.

Negan understands Maggie's motivation, as Alexandria suffered hunger and a lot of crisis. However, he sees it as a suicide mission. He can never visualize how their task would succeed. Negan tries to persuade them to retreat and think out of a new plan.

Maggie and Negan's history is complicated, and so Maggie finds it difficult to trust him. "Why would I ever trust you?" she asked. Negan replied with a good point in mind: "I don't know Maggie. Because you want to stay alive, same as me."

Negan's practicality is not unreasonable. But then Maggie's determination wins in the end after they reunite with Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) at their rendezvous point. There are still plenty of challenges ahead, but with Alexandria's future at stake, giving up is not an option. 

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