The Vampire Diaries: 5 Great Things Elena Did As A Human

We have jotted down some moments where Elena has won hearts and went unnoticed. 


Elena's character wasn't universally loved or hated, but even as a human she proved to be brave and loyal and did some pretty amazing things. We have jotted down some moments where Elena has won hearts and went unnoticed. 


Elena Stabbed A Vampire

Human More so than everyone gives her credit for, Elena was a badass. When she was aware that vampires existed, Elena used a pencil to stab a vampire who was trying to assault her in the hand. This is very astounding considering how much strength is required to do that due to the numerous tiny bones inside a hand. Even more astounding is the fact that despite being outmatched in strength by these supernatural monsters, Elena never once stopped battling them.



She Forgave

The worst thing that happened to Elena despite the beginning of awful things was when Damon killed her brother in cold blood after she rejected him. He was one of the meanest characters in the early seasons, despite the fact that people loved him and his character development. Nevertheless, she was able to forgive Damon and even confess it to him thanks to her compassion. One of the hardest things to do is forgive, but even without magical talents, she had this quality before she became a vampire.


She Saved Stefan

Elena didn't think twice to join the rescue effort when they were holding Stefan captive and torturing him inside a home that was stuffed to the gills with vampires. Damon told her to stay in the car, but she persisted and even helped Stefan get in. This not only demonstrated bravery but also how eager Elena is to take risks for the people she cares about. Even though she is far more vulnerable than most of them, there is nothing she wouldn't do to protect a loved one.

Sacrificed Herself To Save Her Friends

Elena made countless voluntary attempts to risk her life in order to save her friends. She gave herself to Klaus so that her friends wouldn't suffer, and she turned into a vampire after telling Stefan to save Matt, which some people consider to be one of her worst choices. Although Elena frequently receives criticism for being a wimpy whining character, she is pushed to have decision-making authority (that the Salvatore brothers often took away). She was the kind of person who would sacrifice themselves to protect the ones they loved.


Protected Caroline

The friendship between Caroline and Elena may have its kinks, yet they frequently stood up for one another. Elena didn't think twice to intervene when Damon attempted to kill Caroline by staking her. She stood between Caroline and Damon, effectively protecting her friend with her body, which was much more flimsy than Caroline's or Stefan's. Elena, who was weaker than everyone else but faster than Stefan, was the one who guarded Caroline.