'The Upshaws' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'The Upshaws' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Bennie will have some serious explaining to do. Netflix officially greenlit 'The Upshaws' for season 2.

Situational Comedies are often a hit-and-miss thing on Netflix, but the streamer seemed to have no doubts when it comes to 'The Upshaws.' 

The sitcom following a dysfunctional black family trying to make life work is well-received by fans for its hilarious and heartwarming plot.

The show focuses on the titular family, headed by Bennie and Regina. The couple was high-school sweethearts who got pregnant while still in school. The first season depicted their struggles and ended with another enigma.

Let us find out if 'The Upshaws' will return for more. 

The Upshaws

Is 'The Upshaws' Renewed For Season 2?

It is official! Netflix has renewed 'The Upshaws' for season 2! The renewal was announced on June 2021, roughly a month since the show premiered on the platform. Netflix seems to have such huge faith in the sitcom. They decided to pick up 16-half hour episodes of the show, which will get released in two batches with 8 episodes each. This is a significant increase from the first season's 10 episodes.

“Wanda and Regina have created a fresh entry in the tradition of Black sitcoms that’s real, relatable, full of heart, and incredibly funny,” Tracey Pakosta, Netflix’s Head of Comedy, said in a statement via Deadline.

“We’re thrilled to see where they, along with their talented cast, take the Upshaws in the second season.”

The Upshaws

When Will 'The Upshaws' Season 2 Release? 

Netflix has already greenlit the show for season 2, but the streamer has not given a release date yet. However, we can make some predictions based on the previous season's timeline.

Netflix ordered the show on August 20, 2019. It took almost 2 years before the series finally released on the platform on May 12, 2021.

In June 2021, the series has been officially renewed for another season. The series will still have to undergo production for season 2, then spend a few months more on editing. It is safe to say that season 2 of The Upshaws might not be here at least until 2022 or 2023. We will update this space once Netflix announces the official release date. 

The Upshaws

What Is The Plot Of  'The Upshaws' Season 2?

Warning: Season 1 spoilers ahead.

We saw Regina and Bennie's relationship getting tested due to financial pressures, and mostly because of Bennie falling short of his responsibilities of being a good father and husband.

Regina finally draws the line when Bennie used up her savings to get her MBA degree. She throws Bennie out of the house, and her sister Lucretia applauded her for the wise decision. But of course, just like their previous breakup, Regina and Bennie eventually get back in each other's arms. Just as things finally started getting better, an unknown little girl arrives and claims to be Bennie's daughter!

Now that the show is officially renewed for another season, we will likely see how Bennie will resolve this new issue that will threaten his marriage. Bennie's affair with Tasha is among the many issues that haunt Bennie and Regina's marriage. Although the affair happened while Bennie and Regina were on a break, the relationship resulted in a son named Kevin. Regina eventually learns to accept having Kevin in their lives, but the arrival of another child will surely put her love and patience to the test again. Will Bennie manage to fix this mess?

The Upshaws

Who Is Cast In 'The Upshaws' Season 2? 

Based on where season 1 ended, we are expecting the central cast from season 1 to reprise their roles for season 2.

Kim Fields will likely return as Regina Upshaw, the matriarch of the Upshaw family, together with Mike Epps as her husband, Bernard "Bennie" Upshaw.

Gabrielle Dennis will also likely return as Tasha Lewis, Kelvin's mother. She and Bennie were in a relationship when Bennie and Regina were on a break.

We are also expecting Wanda Sykes to reprise her role as Lucretia Turner, Regina's older sister.

The rest of the cast members who will likely reprise their roles are:

-Diamond Lyons as Kelvin Upshaw, Bennie and Tasha's son 
-Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah Upshaw, Bennie and Regina's eldest daughter
-Page Kennedy as Duck, Bennie's friend who also works at his garage
-Jermelle Simon as Bernard Upshaw, Jr., Bennie and Regina's eldest child. He is Bennie and Regina's only son, who eventually comes out as gay. 
-Journey Christine as Maya Upshaw, Bennie and Regina's youngest daughter.

Is There An Official Trailer For The Upshaws Season 2?

The series has not begun filming for season 2 yet. It will be a while before we could see 'The Upshaws' season 2 trailer. So while waiting, we will drop the season 1 trailer for you to enjoy. We will be updating this article once more information is available. Feel free to get back to this link. 'The Upshaws' season 1 is still available for streaming on Netflix. 



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