'The Unlikely Murderer' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Swedish crime drama show is originally billed as a limited series.

The Unlikely Murderer

The Unlikely Murderer, also known as Den Osannolika Mördaren, is a compelling account of one of Sweden's most high-profile murder cases. Written by Wilhelm Behrman and Niklas Rockström, this crime drama delves into the story of Stig Engström, a self-proclaimed witness who may very well be the culprit. With Netflix's significant investment in crime dramas, it's only natural to wonder if The Unlikely Murderer will return for a second season. Let's take a closer look.

The Unlikely Murderer

Will There Be The Unlikely Murderer Season 2?

The Unlikely Murderer made its debut on Netflix on November 5, 2021, with a total of five episodes that run for approximately 43-52 minutes each. If you're eagerly anticipating a second season, we're sorry to say that the odds are not in your favor. The series was marketed as a limited run, meaning that the creators intended for it to be a one-season show. Additionally, the source material for the series, Thomas Pettersson's book, is a standalone work, and the first season of the show wrapped up the plotline nicely. Given these factors, it's unlikely that we'll be seeing another season of The Unlikely Murderer.

The Unlikely Murderer

What Is The Plot OF The Unlikely Murderer?

The story revolves around Stig Engström, a man claiming to have witnessed the most high-profile cases in Sweden's history, who might be the person behind the murder.

The series is a gripping tale about how Engström could have gotten away with murder. Spoiler alert, Engström died at the end of the first season. In the actual events, Palme’s murder has been officially closed. Engström was identified as a suspect.

The series received a commendation for handling several narrative threads. The Guardian called it an "irresistible, Zodiac-lite Scandi thriller" in their review.

Performance from the cast members also received praise.

The Unlikely Murderer

The Unlikely Murderer Cast 

Robert Gustafsson leads the impressive cast list as Stig Engström. He is joined by: 

Eva Melander as Margareta Engström

Björn Bengtsson as Thomas Pettersson

Magnus Krepper as Harry Levin

Joel Spira as Lennart Granström

Peter Viitanen as Olof Palme

Cilla Thorell as Lisbeth Palme

Bengt Braskered as Anders Skandiakollega

Cia Eriksson as Kvinnlig väktare Skandia

The Unlikely Murderer Official Trailer

The Unlikely Murderer looks like a one-and-done deal. But if you did not see the first season yet, we will drop the trailer here for you. You can watch the full episodes on Netflix. 


This article was reviewed and is up to date as of July 17th, 2023.