"The Simpsons" Predicted How Game Of Thrones Would End, Two Years Ago

"The Simpsons" Predicted How Game Of Thrones Would End, Two Years Ago

The Simpsons TV show predicted the destruction of King's Landing by a dragon 2 years before it actually happened.

The Simpsons TV show has been predicting major world events for years and they aren't about to stop now. Right now, the "biggest" world event according to Social Media engagement is the final season of Game of Thrones.

The last episode that aired on Sunday showed the complete destruction of King' Landing by Daenerys and her last remaining dragon, Drogo. Not many people saw this coming and were quite surprised. But, back in 2017, The Simpsons predicted the events in their Game Of Thrones tribute episode called 'The Serfsons'.


In the final scenes of the episode, the iconic family looks on from atop the wall of a castle as a dragon burns their village. And, if you pay attention you can see that it looks very similar to the events that took place in the fifth episode of Game Of Thrones season 8.

King's Landing

The similarities between the two scenes really shook fans and some took to Twitter to express their befuddlement.

One fan said, "Writers at The Simpsons got a crystal ball or something?!?!?" While another fan added, "Freaky AF how The Simpsons knew about the #MadQueen before anyone else." And another wrote, "Well I will be damned they predicted the future again."

The Simpsons TV show has become very good at predicting major events. From the FIFA scandal to the election of President Trump, The Simpsons writers have been spot on with many of their predictions with the events of Game Of Thrones being the latest. The other most recent prediction is the Disney/Fox merger. In a season 10 episode, we saw the 20th Century Fox logo with “A Divison of Walt Disney Co” written underneath it. Does this creep you out?

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