'The Simpsons' May Have Predicted Ted Cruz’s Trip To Cancun Nearly 30 Years Ago

'The Simpsons' May Have Predicted Ted Cruz’s Trip To Cancun Nearly 30 Years Ago

A 1993 episode from 'The Simpsons' eerily echoes the Texan senator's trip to Mexico while people dies in freezing cold amidst extreme snowstorms in Texas.

In another 'The Simpsons' prophetic episode:

People think that 'The Simpsons' has predicted Ted Cruz's trip to Mexico amid Texas’s Arctic storm, almost 30 years ago. The senator is facing huge criticisms after he left Texas during one of the worst winter blizzards in the state’s history for a week-long family holiday in Mexico. Around 70 deaths were already recorded in Texas as of February 21, 2021, after people are left in freezing conditions without water, heat, and power.

It didn't take long before people noticed that the senator's actions echoed a popular scene from 'The Simpsons,' in which corrupt Mayor Quimby tried to hide the fact he had abandoned his people in Springfield and went to the Caribbean during a crisis.

In that particular episode, Mayor Quimby was giving a television interview in which he claims to have canceled holiday plans to attend to his duties during a pandemic.
He stood in front of a backdrop that looks like his office, wearing a suit and tie. He delivered a speech about overcoming adversity together. In the next frame, we found out that he had a fake office set up on the beach and was fooling everybody.

The infamous episode aired almost 30 years ago, on May 6, 1993, titled Marge in Chains. People who dug the episode quickly shared their thoughts on social media.

One user tweeted: 

"Simpsons does it again."


Another user called out the senator's action saying:

"Surely this has been said, but not abandoning your constituents to take a tropical vacation is such a comically low bar that it's literally a Simpsons gag."


In his defense, Cruz said that he is just escorting his family to Cancun before coming straight back to help with the Texan crisis.

He told reporters that he admits that the trip was a mistake and that he was just trying to be a father to his two girls.

"It was obviously a mistake. In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it. I was trying to be a dad."


He didn't exactly go out to fool people into thinking that he was in Texas, but he also didn't announce his trip to Cancun to at least show a little transparency. Days before the trip, he even asked Texans to "stay home".

In the same interview, Cruz continued:

"All of us have made decisions when you’ve got two girls who have been home for three days and haven’t had heat or power, and they’re saying ‘look, we don’t have school, let’s get out of here,’ I think there would be a lot of parents who would think, ‘if I can do this, great.’"

Last month, 'The Simpsons' made other rounds on social media again, after people thought that the animated show predicted Kamala Harris' Vice-Presidential win. 


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