'The Silent Sea': Everything We Know So Far

'The Silent Sea': Everything We Know So Far

'Goblin' star Gong Yoo leads a team of explorers on a crucial mission to the moon in this upcoming Netflix K-drama series.

Kdrama lovers, you are in for a treat! Netflix is bringing you to the moon with its upcoming Kdrama series, 'The Silent Sea'.

The series will see one of Korea's most famous actors, Gong Yoo, for the lead role, along with other A-list K stars. Gong Yoo is known for his roles in Goblin, Train to Busan, and Coffee Prince.

Netflix recently poured $500 million as an investment for content from South Korea, and 'The Silent Sea' could be the best one yet.

The series is directed by Choi Hang-yan, with a screenplay from screenwriter Park Eun-Kyo.

The series is an adaptation of Choi Hang-yong's 2014 short film 'The Sea of Tranquility'.

Here is everything you need to know about 'The Silent Sea.' 

The Silent Sea

When Will 'The Silent Sea’ Release On Netflix?

Netflix has not announced a specific release date yet, but we know that the show is coming sometime this year, 2021. 

'The Silent Sea' Plot: What Is The Kdrama Series About?

The show is set in a not-so-distant future, where the Earth is barren and slowly dying. The planet's only chance of survival lies in the hands of a specialist team sent to the Moon to retrieve a sample from the now-abandoned Balhae Base research. Gong Yoo leads the team of space explorers on the crucial mission. The rest of the plot details are kept secret, but we are expecting to get more updates soon. We also do not know what exactly happened in the Balhae Base research and why it's now deserted. The mystery will likely uncover as the season progresses. 


Who Are In The Cast Of 'The Silent Sea’? 

Here is the confirmed cast list for 'The Silent Sea

.''Goblin' star Gong Yoo plays the lead role of Han Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae is a selfless leader of the space exploration team. Kingdom star Bae Doona as Doctor Song Ji-an, an astrobiologist who joins the team to know the truth behind an accident at the now-abandoned Balhae Base research station on the moon.

Vampire Detective star Lee Joon portrays Captain Ryoo Tae-seok, the head engineer. He was an elite member of the Ministry of National Defense. He signed up for this dangerous mission to escape the strict environment at the Ministry.

The remaining cast members include:

Heo Sung Tae as Kim Jae Sun, Lee Moo Saeng as Gong Soo Hyuk, and Jung Soon Won as Soo Chan.

Heo Jung Do, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Kim Sun-Young are also joining for yet-to-be-specified roles. 

Is There An Official Trailer For 'The Silent Sea’? 

We are still waiting for Netflix to release the official trailer. The series is already in post-production, so the official trailer could drop anytime by now. We will update this space immediately once we get the official trailer.  

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