The Riddler Will Be One Of The Main Villains In The Robert Pattinson Batman Film

The Riddler Will Be One Of The Main Villains In The Robert Pattinson Batman Film

The Riddler has been revealed to be one of the six major villains expected to face off against Batman in the upcoming Matt Reeves film.

The world is getting all worked up over Robert Pattinson being selected to be the next Batman. However, I think we shouldn't be so quick to write him off before even given a chance. All Robert Pattinson needs to do is buff up a bit and he'll be an amazing Bruce Wayne. Just remember, I called it.

Robert Pattinson as The Batman

Now, the next big casting announcement that has to be made is the faces of the villains. It was widely reported that 6 of Batman's greatest foes will be featured in the upcoming Batman film with The Penguin and Catwoman being the primary and secondary antagonists. The third antagonist has recently been revealed to be The Riddler. The first time Edward Nygma appeared on the big screen was in 1995's Batman Forever. He was played by Jim Carrey.

The Riddler and Two-Face in Batman Forever

The actor who will be playing Edward Nygma in the upcoming Batman film has yet to be revealed. Could it be Jim Carrey again? A couple of years ago Jim Carrey spoke about how much he would have loved working with Christopher Nolan in the Dark Knight series and playing the role of The Riddler again. He said:

I'd love to work in the new, graphic novel versions of the movie. I don't know about reprising the role, I don't know if Chris Nolan would go for that. I'd love to work with him.

We were first made aware of The Riddler's involvement in the film when Director Matt Reeves tweeted a photo from a Batman ’66 exhibition that featured the costumes for Penguin, Catwoman, and Riddler. The Joker has never been linked to the Matt Reeves Batman film and will most likely not be as the Joker has been overdone by Hollywood. It's time for the other villains to get their time in the sun. Who do you think will be a good pick to play E. Nygma? 

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