'The Resort' Ending Explained: Did Lex Make It Out Alive?

'The Resort' Ending Explained: Did Lex Make It Out Alive?

A group of friends goes on a trip to a remote island in Hawaii and comes face to face with pure evil.

Horror movies about friends getting haunted while traveling somewhere far away always prove to be a good piece of entertainment. This is the exact premise of the 2021 horror film, 'The Resort.'

'The Resort' follows a group of friend's horrific misadventure in an abandoned resort on a remote island and ends with a rather half-hearted twist. Did the friends make it out alive? Here is what happened to Lex and her friends in 'The Resort.'

'The Resort'

'The Resort' Synopsis and Ending Explained

Lex is a horror-fiction writer looking for inspiration for her next story. On her birthday, her three friends, Bree, Chris, and Sam, took her out on a trip to Hawaii. However, the planned vacation had a horrible turn when they decided to travel further into a remote island. We find Lex at a medical unit, interrogated by a policeman.

Lex tells the policeman about the legend of the "Half-Faced Girl." According to Lex, she and her friends encountered the girl on a remote island. The next scene takes us on a flashback and sees the friends of Lex arranging a surprise party for her in Kilahuna island.

The island is off-limits to tourists, and the locals do not go there because of fear of paranormal forces. The abandoned resort within the island is said to be the home of the infamous Half-Faced Girl. Lex is determined to find her. When the locals refused to take them to the island, the group managed to book a one-way helicopter ride. A boat would come and take them out after six hours. The pilot dismisses the local's talks, saying they are nothing but just stories. However, he also does not deny that the place is haunted

The group had a great time exploring the remote island, but the fun stops when they finally find the abandoned resort. Soon, the group finds themselves trapped and tormented by a nefarious paranormal force that won't let them get out alive.

As the story progresses, we see Bree getting into a car in an attempt to escape to the dock. But the car is controlled by a supernatural force. The car drives by itself and takes Bree straight to the deep parts of the resort. Her friends quickly came to check up on her, only to find out that she's already dead. Armed with torches, the remaining friends ventured into the dark when someone Snatches Sam.

'The Resort'

When Sam returned, he turned into one of the undead. He attacks the surviving group and crushes Chris' skull. Later, Lex sees an undead Bree in the hallway. She creepily sings her "Happy Birthday" then sets herself on fire. When Lex wakes up, she finds herself in a hospital bed.

After hearing her story, the policeman tells Lex that they deployed a search party to the island. The policeman excuses himself, and Lex gets her phone.

She opens the camera and takes a photo of the officer. She zooms into the officer's hand and saw that his veins are remarkably red. Suddenly, the officer jumps right at Lex, attacking her.

The Resort Ending Explained: Is Lex Alive?

After the attack, we see a white and eerily pale face of Lex, giving us a conclusion that she is--in fact-- dead. She did not survive the horrible encounter on the island. She died after meeting the Half-Faced Girl in Bree's body. The ending indicates that the talk with the policeman is nothing but a spiritual hallucination. She is stuck in an endless loop of pure horror.

'The Resort'

Who Is The Half-Faced Girl?

Not much is known regarding the story of the Half-Faced Girl. The local legend only says that she is an evil spirit that haunts the island. Lex and her friends find out that the myth is true upon coming face to face with the evil spirit in the abandoned resort. The Half-Faced Girl is more than just a lost spirit. She can force people under her control and turn them into monsters.

After Bree dies, the remaining three friends frantically looked for a way out, but a hand suddenly drags Sam into the dark. We saw a glimpse of the Half-faced Girl as she tears the face of Sam, turning him into an undead. Later in the hallway, Lex meets Bree again, who suffered the same fate as Sam. We have only seen the Half-Faced Girl for a few seconds, but we know how vast her power is and why the townspeople are right to fear her.

Who Is The Policeman and Is He Alive??

The ending suggests that no one can ever get out of the island alive. The Half-Faced Girl kills everyone on the island, and the torments go beyond after death. The Half-Faced Girl always seems to find a way to lure people into her hideout. Those who die will return as a ghost and suffer a never-ending loop of horror. That means that the guards and the other people they meet on the island (including the policeman) are all spirits.

While questioning Lex, the policeman initially said he did not believe her story. He added that he visited the island when he was younger. It's safe to say that at some point, those ghosts once encountered the Half-Faced Girl and suffered a similar fate as Lex and her friends. Getting haunted by an evil spirit is already spooky, but knowing that the torture won't end even after you die is way scarier.

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