'The Recruit' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

This is a live-update article and it will be updated as new details about The Recruit Season 2 come our way. This is what we know so far.

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Netflix's new political crime thriller The Recruit is available for you to binge right now. The show is not your regular conspiracy plot. If you have watched it then you know exactly what I am talking about...if you have read our complete review and ending explained then the only question that lingers is, has Netflix renewed the show? Well, let's find out...

Has Netflix Renewed The Recruit for a Second Season?

The Recruit
The Recruit

In January 2023, Netflix announced that "The Recruit" would get a second season. Alexi Hawley, the creator of the show, was really excited about this. He told TUDUM, a Netflix platform, “I’m thrilled to dive back into the fun, funny, action-packed world of The Recruit. Seeing how invested our audience became in the show’s adventurous take on the spy world and Noah’s turn as Owen has been incredibly rewarding, and I can’t wait to turn it all up to 11 in Season Two.” 

Noah Centineo, who plays Owen Hendricks, also shared his excitement with TUDUM. He said, “I know I speak for our entire cast and executive team at eOne and Netflix when I say that we’re thrilled to be returning to 'The Recruit' for a second season. I’m looking forward to seeing what [showrunner] Alexi Hawley has in store for us all.”

Noah will also be one of the executive producers for the new season.

"The Recruit" did really well when it first came out, with people watching it for over 95 million hours in its first week. It's still not clear when Season 2 will start on Netflix. Filming might take a while to begin because there were recent strikes by the Writer's Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild.

Originally, Season 2 was supposed to start filming in June 2023, but it got pushed to August 2023, as reported by Hollywood North Buzz. Then, because of the actors' strike that started in July 2023, filming was delayed again with no set start date.

Season 1 was filmed in Quebec, Canada, and Los Angeles, California, from October 2021 to March 2022. If Season 2 follows a similar schedule, it might take about five to six months to film. So, if they start early in 2024, filming could end by June at the earliest. This means we might get to see Season 2 of "The Recruit" around November or December 2024.

What Can We Expect from The Recruit Season 2?

In episode 8, we see that the mission to get Max home to Russia is still on, and just when things seem to come to a close, more hindrances arise. The main cliffhanger is why would Karolina shoot Max and whether Max is really dead. When there's a cliffhanger, we know that the showrunner will find no difficulty continuing the story, and the fans can't wait to see... Noah Centineo's experimental choice of genre is also a reason for the fans to stay. The RadioTimes also guessed the return of Noah in a second season, so it's safe to say that it's only a matter of time before we will see Owen once again. 

Who Will Be Back Again for The Recruit Season 2?

The Recruit will, of course, see the return of Noah Centineo, as we just talked about. The other Cast Members include Aarti Mann as Violet, Fivel Stewart as Hannah, Colton Dunn as Lester, Daniel Quincy Annoh as Terence, Kristian Bruun as Janus Ferber, and Vondie Curtis-Hall as Walter Nyland.  We know that the name you were looking for is missing from the above list, Laura Haddock! Well, we don't know if her character Max Meladze will return. All we can say is that we hope she does. However, it's worth mentioning that even if she dies, there's a good chance she will be coming up from time to time in flashbacks.

This article was reviewed and is up to date as of November 30, 2023.