'The Rain' Season 3: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Status

'The Rain' Season 3: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Status

Fans definitely want to know about how big a threat Rasmus is for his family, friends and in fact for the rest of the world, as he is the one infected by the deadly virus.

'The Rain' is a Danish Netflix Original post-apocalyptic web television series, which is created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen and Christian Potalivo. The post-apocalyptic themes have always been in demand and the Danish series has not failed to impress fans with its unique storyline. The series was shot across the Scandinavian nations of Denmark and Sweden, and the cinematography was handled by Jesper Tøffner and Rasmus Heise.


'The Rain' is a story of two Danish siblings who survived the virus carried by the rain, that wiped out most of the world's population. The two siblings were the few who remained. To save themselves from the virus, Simone and Rasmus took shelter in a bunker for 6 years before coming out eventually. They venture on a journey to find their father who was a scientist and who left them in the bunker without ever returning. While traveling across Denmark and Sweden, the pair joins the group of survivors as they search for a safe place to hide from the rain and most importantly, to find their father who might also have the cure.

What Happened In Season 2 Of 'The Rain'? 


The second season ended with Rasmus surrendering himself over to Apollon forces. Him surrendering to the forces means that Rasmus has sacrificed himself as he will be killed so that the virus can be extracted from him and can be used to create an antidote. For those who follow the show would know that a huge number of people died because of the virus in the rain, therefore, seeing Rasmus die wouldn't be a hard thing to accept, especially when his death could give hope for the discovery of a much-needed cure. 

When Can Fans See Season 3 Of 'The Rain' On Netflix?


The official date has not been released yet, but since season 2 only premiered on May 17, Netflix often takes up to a few months to decide whether there will be another season for an Original or not. For example, the first season of 'The Rain' debuted on May 4, 2018, and the news of its renewal came later that month on May 30. Therefore, we can expect the third season of 'The Rain' to arrive in May 2020.

Who Will Return For Season 3?


We can only hope for our favorite characters to return for the third installment as nothing is officially out there. However, we can hope to see actors including, Alba August (Simone), Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (Rasmus), Clara Rosager (Sarah), and Mikkel Boe Følsgaard (Martin) back in the third season, depending on how their battle of survival develops and what's their fate.

What Are The Questions Season 3 Should Be Able To Answer?

Fans definitely want to know about how big a threat Rasmus is for his family, friends and in fact for the rest of the world, as he is the one infected by the deadly virus. Earlier, fans had the opportunity to see Rasmus's immunity to the virus being spread through the rain, making him a person of interest. However, there are certain things about Rasmus's condition fans don't know about yet, that includes his emotions getting triggered by the virus and making him do terrible things. Also, the bigger question here also stands as to why is he still alive? Does it mean that he will really be used to find a cure for the virus? 


Season 2 also showed that Rasmus is indeed dangerous for others. Even though he has surrendered himself to Apollon's custody, he will have to deal with the fallout of Season 2, that includes the death of his girlfriend, Sarah, and sundered his sister, Simone from him. Since he has gone on a killing spree in the second season, season 3 will have to deal with the fallout from these deaths and further exploration into how, what, why and who Ramsus truly has become after being infected by the virus. Apart from all that, fans also want to get a clearer picture of the virus itself. Season 3 might also show the viruses affecting people globally.


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